Panorama v super - res v averaging images?

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I've been in bed for a bit and pressing the internet and came across a few items. I have edited this thread as I rather woozily got confused. between different techniques, Can someone please tell me what the difference between panorama stitching averaging and this super-resolution technique. I link three videos showing different ways of increasing resolution reducing noise and averaging. I can see how the averaging differs ( several shots of same view ) from the panoramic ( loads of shots overlapping side to side and up and down )stitching.

BUT I'm a bit unsure as to why sometimes it's advised not to use a tripod for panoramic ( 1st link ) and other times suggested you do ( 3rd link )
Also some say to do edits like lens corrections to each one before stitching others say not

Sorry if this is confusing but can someone help me get it please?
Link 1

Link 2

Link 3
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