Park Cameras

Has anyone pre-ordered something from Park Cameras before? I have a pre-order which states 'Awaiting Stock From Supplier'.

Should I assume this is just a placeholder before the release date (which is tomorrow) or does it represent them actually being sold out of pre-order stock? Didn't want to bother their customer service over something so trivial so thought I'd ask here.
Can a basic DSLR set-up be had for thirty quid?

Yes it can. Last week I ordered a Canon 400D for £19 followed by an 18-55 lens (MK I) for £9 pounds from Park. Both camera and lens were described as 'Good.' On the Wex scale they would have both scored '8's. I cannot fault the company. Order to delivery was two days.

First class service.
Park are very good, I would assume that if they are awaiting stock, then availability of said item is low...
I've just bought a used camera from them, ordered Sunday afternoon arrived Monday afternoon (DPD next day) communication was spot on. I did however have a problem with the battery charger so I phoned them yesterday, they have a new charger and battery (used I believe but checked by them) on the way to me. Can't fault their service or aftersales. I'd happily recommend them.
I've used them several times - most recently to buy a used Fuji X-T4. It's literally immaculate, if the seal on the box wasn't broken I'd have thought it was brand new. Price was excellent too - and it turned up on Saturday after me ordering on the Friday, even though I didn't pay for Saturday delivery.

In the past I've had various bits from them and returned a few as well, and the service has always been excellent; they're pretty much my first stop when I'm looking for stuff now.
Ive bought acouple of items off them in the last year. Both have been in fantastic condition. One marked as excellent and the other as like new. Both looked like new to me. Both work perfectly. The price, service and delivery were all great. No complaints here. I dont look anywhere elsefor used gear now.
I've bought from Park Cameras a few times and have only had very positive experiences, especially when it comes to the condition of lenses.