Patterns in the city -An open thread


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I quite liked this one, and searched the forums for a repetitions / patterns open thread in urban / architecture sub forum but there doesn't seem to be one?

Anyway, i'll start...

@skullfunkerry it’s right in the centre of Bristol on the river round the back of Temple Meads station. I kinda want to redo it with an ND grad on to even out the exposure, but the river is tidal there so I need the tide, light and weather to all cooperate and fit with my schedule! I’ve only managed all three once…

(And not only does the tide need to be in, it needs to be juuuust turning so the river and tidal flow are balanced and you get the flat water)
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So the sky was being nice, and I knew the sun position was going to be spot on to double the arches up with the shadows perfectly at a time I could go past so I had to take another shot at the arches… just need all that plus the high tide for the mirror…