Beginner Photographed my first wedding

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So, this wasn't a full blown wedding day in a church etc. The happy couple had been married abroad and this was just a reception party back home with some garden shots. Bride and groom in wedding attire.
My kit: Nikon D7200, Nikon 35mm F1.8 prime, Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-F4, Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 Manual lens, speedlight, plus softbox/sock

I was instructed to arrive at the brides parents house at 5:30pm for some group family shots, hopefully in the garden if the weather played ball.
Then onto the church hall for the traditional reception food and disco.
I was only staying for 3 hours total.

The day started badly when my speedlight just wouldn't work. New batteries in flash and triggers didn't fix so on to FB Marketplace where I sourced an old Nikon SB-50DX speedlight locally, and luckily, rushed round early doors to collect. Lifesaver!!
As the sun decided to show its face, we went to a local landmark (Roseberry Topping-hill). It was at this point I lost control of any brain power I had, and with camera and 35mm prime mounted, I began snapping away like a demented amateur. Very little thought into what camera settings I was at, positioning of the B&G, composition...…
I was now sweating and I'd snapped nearly 100 shots in about 15 minutes (continuous high).
I had a few ideas of poses that I'd stolen off the internet and showed these to the B&G but they were just a bit "wooden". The sun was in their eyes and they were squinting. The poses and stance, and just general poise was all wrong-and I never mentioned it. I let them tell me what they wanted, but I don't think they knew either.

Anyway, back to the house and again, I merrily snapped away with speed, not thinking about DOF or camera settings.
The church hall was the one I was dreading. I've never tried indoor flash photography, and it took over 20 minutes for me to calm myself down, start thinking, and taking practice shots until the lighting was right.
I was still on continuous high and 100 ISO. The camera was slowing down and I was missing everything, or people movements were just blurred. One photo was over exposed, and the next completely black. (shutter speed and flash not in sync).
By the time the 3 (and a half) hours were up, id taken nearly 400 shots and was wishing I got something worth keeping.
After spending approx. 6 hours editing, I managed 145 keepers I was happy to send to the family.
This is not a business venture and was a gift for them, and I think its something I'm not going to pursue.
DSC_4857 by jason greenwood, on Flickr
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They all look good to me Jason. I hope the stress levels weren't too high and I don't think it's any accident that you ended up with some lovely shots to give the happy couple, which was no doubt the point. Well done :D

I suppose we live about 20 minutes drive from Roseberry Topping.


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These are top notch TBH Jason - every bit as good as some of the Pro wedding togs on here IMO - well done; give yourself a pat on the back!
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some good results
never knew nikon did a 18-200mm f2.8 maybe a typo error
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I don't think these are that bad to be honest, especially if it was your first wedding and judging by your description of the day it was a bit stressful. At the end of the day if the Bride and Groom are happy with them then what more could you ask for?

I think most couples would usually need direction and wouldn't be happy with being asked how they want to pose so I suppose thats something to work on in the future if you do decide to do anymore and getting your settings sorted prior, I doubt anyone would have minded if you'd have taken a moment to think about your settings and then carried on.

Great job though!