Review Raynox-250 on M/43 Zoom lenses

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Hi all

Just got a Raynox-250 lens in the post for use on my various M4/3 lenses, all are zoom lenses though so not expecting the best quality but still quite pleasantly surprised by the quality I got.

Camera was a Panasonic G5, tripod mounted, and set to its lowest ISO setting of 160 and all the lenses were set to f16.

lenses used are the Lumix 14-42 kit lens, the old Mk1 version, Olympus 50-150 and the Lumix 100-300.

Each lens was tested at each end to check for vignetting.

Subject was my old Fountain Pen

First up the 14-42 at the 14 end which shows obvious Vignetting

Same lens at 42mm quite a bit closer and quite sharp considering the lens

Next the Olympus 40-150 at 50mm, quite a nice smooth sharp shot

The same lens at 150mm, again the same smoothnes and sharpness

last lens the Lumix 100-300 at 100 Micro scratches on the Gold nib starting to show up

And finally the same lens at 300 wow just look at those scratches which are not visible to the naked eye

Well please with the results, especially the Olympus 40-150 that combo has the potential to be a good mobile bug hunting combo as the 100-300 will definatly need some sort of support in use.

Hope this has been of use to anyone thinking of trying a Raynox on their lenses.

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