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Chinese & cheap:
Backdrop stand with white backdrop​

As I have a hilite I thought that I would get myself a cheap background stand especially as it also came with a white backdrop. Did I do the right thing? We will see :)

The item I found was on ebay for £49.99 with a white backdrop including postage and packaging from a seller called weiz538, a typical chinese seller. I place my order and then waited.

Delivery etc

The item arrived in about 10 days which I would describe as reasonable for such as distance and quicker than anything else I ordered from outside of the country on the same day. The item was well packaged and everything was exactly as per the items description on ebay.

What do you get in the box

1 x carrying bag
2 x upright stands like cheap lighting stands but with wing nuts at the top
1 x cross pole which comes in two parts
1 x 1.6m by 2.1m white backdrop

The white backdrop had a small mark on it but that come out with some heavy slapping and was just dust. The backdrop was very heavily creased and I am just waiting for someone to iron it.


The item did not come with instructions but they would have been rather unnecessary anyway with the item being so simple. The stands open just like light stands and then the cross member screws together and fits on top of the two upright stands with the two wing nuts holding it in place.

What is it like

Well this is my photograph of the item:

The two backdrop clips are NOT supplied and came from ALDI at £1 but you will need to obtain at least a couple of these in order to use the stand.

Pros and Cons / Conclusion

The item is as you would expect from a backdrop stand with backdrop costing £50. I have yet to shoot with it due to the creases and time constraints but will post some images later. The backdrop itself could do with being a meter longer and at full height it is a little lacking in length.


  • Cheap.
  • Free backdrop.
  • Portable with a bag.
  • Light weight.


  • Feels very cheap.
  • Backdrop is too short really.
  • Quality that will last a while and is up to home use nothing more.

IF you buy anything after seeing one of my reviews then please post on here as I can then use this to get leverage towards maybe later having things lent to me to do reviews on!
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Thanks for the review.

Look forward to seeing some pictures of it in use.

Love the fact that you're "just waiting for someone to iron it" :LOL: