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    Looking to clean the sensor on my Panasonic G7 as it is showing signs in images at higher fstops and I can visually see something on the sensor. Tried a rocket blower but isn't shifting. Going to buy a sensor swab kit and try a wet clean but unsure on what size to get as there seems to vary. Anyone any ideas?

    And any recommendations?
  2. woof woof

    woof woof

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    I can't advise on swabs but since my DSLR days I've used Eclipse fluid and Pec Pads and they seem to work well.

    What I do is wrap a Pec Pad around a slice cut from an old credit card, tape it in place and then add a drop of fluid, wait a couple of seconds for any excess to evaporate and then carry out the clean. The theory is that the plastic credit card slice will flex and prevent me applying any real pressure and thus minimise the chance (already unlikely) of any scratching.

    I've cleaned all of my cameras since my Canon DSLR days like this and I've never had a problem.

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