Sony 12-24 F/4 vs Sony 12-24 F/2.8

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If money wasn't a factor which one would you choose, would love to hear about your personal experience with each of the lenses. I don't mind the weight or size.
If weight, size and money are not factors then f2.8 version.

If any one of those 3 is concern then f4 becomes a good option.

Also if you don't need f2.8 then f4 is pretty good tbh.
Personally I prefer having faster primes and slower zooms. So f1.8 UWA primes like Sony 14mm or viltrox 16mm. That gives me the most light when shooting the night sky. For all my other uses I can easily shot f4.

The way i see it primes are best for speed and zooms are best for versatility. Trying to mix the two and you get a large expensive lens that's a compromise in all areas (speed, size, weight, cost, zoom range etc)

no way in hell I would pick f4 lens with this performance discrepancy.
I have the 12-24 f/2,8. I haven't used the f.4 version so can't comment on that.

It's an incredible lens but to be fair also has an incredible price.

Image quality is excellent, although probably because it was an expensive purchase I do wonder what if I had bought the 10mm F/2.8 Laowa lens instead? Debated long and hard between the two at the time. I will probably have to scratch that 10mm itch at some point.
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