Sony A6700 and birds

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How do users rate the A6700 for bird photography? I tried the Sony A7R IV and found its AF frustratingly random - no better than my Nikon Z7. Canon R7 was genuinely impressive on wildlife, but has a pretty dismal lens choice. So I would go for the A6700 if it actually performed!
As Terry mentioned, the lens you use can also make a big difference.
I've not got an A6700, but it's the top Sony APS-C body, so should be reasonable with the right lens.
What lens were you using?

“Animal and bird detection has been expanded from just being able to recognise the eye on the A7 IV to the eye, head and body on the A6700"
I have the A6700 with the 18-135mm kit. For a recent trip to the Falkland Islands I purchased the Tamron 18-300mm for an excellent price. As a travel lens it fits the bill and for birds and wildlife I found it to be acceptable and got some brilliant shots of penguins, granted they not the fastest moving subjects but I also captured some faster moving species too. I didn’t find the subject recognition to be much help in all honesty. As with all such lenses results aren’t consistent but I’m quite happy with the majority of results. I’m still getting used to the Sony after 20 years of Nikon DSLRs so I expect to be able to exploit its full potential in due course.
I own a A6600 and mount my Canon EF tele zooms on to via sigma MC-11 adapter.
TheA6600 sensor is slower than A6700, and the AF is better in the A6700 to my A6600. I also own a canon R7 and have used both to take very similar images, ie sports, portrait, landscape and wildlife.

What really makes a difference are the lenses, and good light which everyone would like on most of there images,
If you can fill the frame more with your subject and have bright light the results on both systems are very, very good. Both A6600 and R7 ( though R7 Eye AF is much better than A6600) struggle locking on with eye detect or subject tracking if the subject is small in the frame and low light. This is really a factor of having ASPC sensor mainly IMO
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