Tamron 400mm lens f7.5 and a Prinzflex MCZoom 70-162mm lens

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Going through a very old box of camera bits that was left to me I came across a couple of very old lens in cases

Tamron 400mm f7.5 lens, to my amazement it also had a t-mount fitted so I put it onto my Canon 5d4 and tried it out. For for such an older looking telephoto lens I was surprised how light it actually was.

Obviously it had to work in manual mode, but to my surprise once I got a manual setting correct it gave some very acceptable test photos.

The other lens was a Prinzflex MCZoom 70-162mm lens which also seemed to have a macro facility. Using the t-mount from the other lens it also worked !!

I dread to think how old these lenses are, I reckon got to be 40 years old, and are incredibly sturdy up to some of todays lenses but not heavy.

With my Canon I already have a surplus of L lenses and more important IS which is needed for my arthritic hands these days, so I will not need these - do they have any value in this day and age, as if its worthwhile I will put them up for sale with the cases