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Hi All,
When using the tamron tap in console on a 24-70mm g2 lens do you do the whole range for say 24mm then input the result and write it to the lens or do the 0.38m write to lens then 1m and write to lens and so on? What confuses me is if I do say all of the 24mm section and write it to the lens the values in the rest are at 0 so when I move onto the 34mm section and fill this in the 24mm section all say 0 so will that write that back to 0 or will it keep the previous values saved??
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You always start with the minimum focus distance and you can input this at all Focal lengths I.e 24-35-50-70.

Once those numbers have been inputted you will probably find the lens is pretty much spot on.

Test again at the medium focal distance and fine tune and then input those numbers.

I would say repeat at infinity but once I’ve input the mfd at medium distance figures I’ve never found the infinity needs adjustment.