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Thanks for the pointer...........................always worth(?) seeing & knowing of other potential routes to monetising our photography?

A quick look and it reminded me of something, the 500px layout that is what it reminds me of.

Drilling into it to view individual images it is not very friendly for what they espouse as a mature company, by that I mean on my 22inch 1680 x 1050 screen there author and info part is chopped off i.e. it does not scale well for differing screen sizes.

The £12 per year admin & membership reminded of another such venture a couple of years back. I cannot recall any other similarities???

I will watch and learn what others think of and about it ;)
wayne clarke
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Two things bother me, one is the yearly fee, if your going to be selling work they'll make money that way, if they get the bulk of their money from fees theres no incentive to push the images for sales.
Two and the bigger issue it's way too easy to steal the photos, they are not over watermarked like some other agencies which makes it hard to use them, these are easily enough cropped off the cloned out.
Yes proper business will buy them, but sadly it's getting to be the norm to just borrow them of the net and worry about getting caught later.
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How does this work? In what way are they promoting the images? There is mentions of a portfolio created that you can link to via websites or social media. Is it a stock website or an external sales platform that you drive the traffic to?

I’ve had a look on my phone, all I could see in the wildlife section was lots of images from BWC! I’ve had more of look through the portfolios now I’ve found them, especially the landscapes. The Peak District gallery sums it up for me:

It’s just a collection of lots of similar images and to be honest not really a touch on images seen on here. There doesnt seem to be much quality control which I would expect from a stock agency. If I was a potential buyer I would be wanting to see one fantastic image after another, if I didn’t I would soon be looking elsewhere.

The £12 per year admin & membership reminded of another such venture a couple of years back.
The only price I could see is £19.95 for the portfolio and yearly membership. That’s not too bad a price compared to the additional cost of a sales cart with say zenfolio over a basic website. The products being fulfilled via loxley is quite good knowing they will be good quality. If you are paying them as a stock website that doesn’t seem like a good deal. As a sales and fulfilling personal portfolio website it’s ok, as a stock agency getting you sales I’m not so sure about this.

I’ve not had an type of sales function before but it’s something I’ve thought of. I’m currently using adobe portfolio which doesn’t have any chance of a sales function, but I could add a link to an external sales platform to get a sales function. Finding a good means of providing that function is something I need to look into.
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