Beginner Tuition/workshops (desire to learn/improve)

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I’ve been tinkering with photography on a casual, amateur level for a number of years. I’m reasonably familiar with the basics, enough to have got me by up until now, at a level I have been happy enough with, but I would now like take things a little further. I live close to Exmoor and the Somerset/North Devon coast, so plenty of scope.

My landscape photography has generally consisted of not much more than snaps of nice places, but without sufficient time given to composition and without using the correct equipment or camera settings. I am therefore wondering if some of the many workshops/tuition days on offer from local landscape photographers are worthwhile, to rectify some of the bad habits I undoubtedly have got into, fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge and give an opportunity to try out some techniques and location shooting with expert guidance

Has anyone attended one/any of these and found them useful, or perhaps the opposite? Anyone have any specific recommendations, particularly in the south west?