Victure Hc200 hunting camara

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Hello. I have a Victure HC200 hunting camara but no idea how to use it. I've emailed the company but to no avail. I've never used a camara like this. Can anyone help me to understand the settings etc. I've worked out how to manually take a picture,which seems like a pointless function. I can continuously video. But I hoped it would allow me to take pics on the motion setting but I can't work out that. Can't work out most of it. Does anyone have details of how to get a manual for it? All it came with is the setup,which was very basic. Then all videos I find online show the same process. Love to have some help please. Thanks
Hello and welcome to Talk Photography.

I had no idea what a 'Victure HC200 camera' was until I did the old Google and seems it is one of those trail cameras, which should be fun to use.

I did do a Google "Victure HC200 hunting camera manual" of which the first few results brought up a couple of YouTube video setups about it and also links to couple a PDF manuals as well.

Sorry can't be much more help and hope that helps.