What accessories for AD200?

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Hi guys, old newbie here & my first post so go easy on me!

Getting back into photography after a long Hiatus, used to do quite a bit of fashion/beauty studio work with both flash & tungsten in medium format back in analogue days. Due to my work I live in dual locations, at my main location I have 3 x Multiblitz Varilux 500 heads but as I spend a fair bit of time at location two I’ll need some form of lighting. I thought AD200 would be a good start as it would enable me to do some outdoor stuff (people) as well as indoor portraits, B&W nude abstracts and food photography. I might add a flash head or AD400pro later down the line too. I am currently using a Nikon 7000

1 – Do you guys think AD200 would be the right choice for my intended purpose?

2 – What would be your recommendations for type of accessories, make and retailers to buy from? Generally I’d like to buy stuff that lasts but avoid the top of the range costs so something middle of the park would be great.

Currently my list is something like this, am I missing anything; (Also I am not sure if I should go towards Elinchrom fitting or Bowens).

-White brolly
-120cm Hexagon softbox (not sure if it should go for meshed as I have never used one before). Think I prefer double layers so that I can have the option of a softer light.
-Clamp for stand
-A light weight stand (for both indoor and outdoor)
-A boom stand that could also handle a 400w flash head.
Garry Edwards
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The AD200 would be a good choice in poor light conditions but won't have enough power in bright sunlight, unless all that you want to do is to add a bit of fill - this is of course sometimes a good approach but not a creative one, and restricting. The AD600 would be a much better choice.
Personally I prefer the S-fit (Bowens) to Elinchrom, more convenient and more secure.

Umbrellas are always useful but the light from them is pretty uncontrolled, not something that I would contemplate for food photography or artistic nude, can be OK as a fill light though.
A 120cm softbox is OK for a lot of studio use, but very much on the big side for outdoor use, mainly because of the power "consumption" but also because they can act as a sail in the wind. But at least the Lencarta pro range ones do have tie down points.

Honeycomb grids should not be used routinely but are invaluable when you need to control the spread of the light and to avoid lens flare, e.g. when used for backlighting and rimlighting.

Lightweight stands are an accident waiting to happen when used outdoors, the Lencarta 2.6m stand is about the best that you can get and isn't too big or heavy.

Any decent boom arm will do, just don't get one of the "accessory boom arms" that fit on to an ordinary light stand.

You can get everything you need from www.lencarta.com and if you mention my name they will probably give you a discount.