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Would appreciate advice about which company sellers have used when selling cameras. Most either show cameras as not deliverable or will not offer any compensation. Any thoughts?
I was in the same situation, royal mail all day long ! Evri and yodel wanted £45 and I think they are also on the Prohibited list
For deals within UK, RMSD is the only option I would consider. Overseas is a different matter, trouble is that more often than not when item goes over water tracking becomes trickier.
Yeah stick with RM we have used a number of delivery services at work and the number of items that get lost or damaged is scary
RMSD but maximum value insured is “only’ £2500, if value is above that then the parcel is not covered at all.
I use Evri almost exclusively and have had 2 damaged parcel in 4 years

Lucky you. They've lost around 30% of the parcels they should have delivered to me in the last three years and around 15-20% for the six years before that.
Re: Evri

I bought from M&S and they use Evri, package delivered AOK with proof of delivery. Though in common many such deliveries (all couriers) we did not hear a/the knock on the door.

I am currently awaiting two more Evri delivered parcels (from Craghopper and Regatta)...... hopefully their hub system "works" and our local courier is as good with these two as the M&S one?
It’s a bit of a thing.

Evri have the worst reputation of every courier; however our local evri staff are absolutely bloody brilliant
When an outfit called Hermes becomes known as Herpes alarm bells ring.
When an outfit called Hermes becomes known as Herpes alarm bells ring.
I'm bright enough to understand that a company with that bad a reputation probably deserves it. Also I'm open minded and astute enough to appreciate great service when I see it. And we get regular deliveries from the local staff who are always happy, charming and efficient.
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When an outfit called Hermes becomes known as Herpes alarm bells ring.

And here, the Post Office get an extra "O" added to their acronym.

Like Phil, our Evri delivery person is great - happy, charming and efficient (despite [or perhaps because!] he's 6'2, shaven headed, heavily tattooed and muscled!)