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    Hi All,
    I have been a long time lurker, but feel that i need to get more involved and contribute more to the forum.
    I have had an interest in photography for a while but have not made a concerted effort, mainly shots of the kids, and not very good ones.
    My current equipment consists of a Canon 450d, 18-55mm stock lens and a 55-300mm lens.

    I am keen to do some astrophotography with my Canon and a lens. I have knowledge and experience with a DSLR and cooled mono astro camera mounted on different telescopes on a GoTo mounts.
    I specifically want to use a lens on a fixed mount - Manfrotto 290 Carbon.

    I have recently taken to doing night sky timelapses. I used my 18-55mm lens at 18mm and f/3.5, 1600 ISO and 20 sec exposures. I managed to get the stars relatively sharp, admittedly there was slight egging due to 20s exposures as the 500 rule suggests I would be better at 15 sec exposures.

    I really need to gain more light. As I see it I certainly require 1 but really 2 stops extra. I not able to increase the ISO, aperture nor the exposure, therefore believe I require a faster. I have been reading through the threads here, lonely speck and others as well as browsing ebay.

    I would prefer to get a prime, but will certainly take on board peoples comments about others.

    I do not necessarily have all the cash yet but will save and sell some other bit to achieve the cash I need to purchase the right item. Due to the financial constraints I am limited to purchasing 2nd hand equipment.

    My current thoughts are to go for something like a Canon 24mm f1.4 Mk1 or 2, which are running at £575 - £775.

    I appreciate that this an EF lens suited to a FF camera but my thinking is that using it on my 450d will mean I will loose the vignetted corners and being f/1.4 would mean I would be able to potentially stop down a bit for greater improvements. However that means I might only be gaining 1 stop

    Sorry for the long ramble. I look forward to your advice and suggestions.


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