Why do people love the Holga so much ?


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Here is an idea to use a Holga, Leica or any other camera and your shot could be original as no one else has done it:-
Everyone likes a now and then shot no matter where taken in the world and I've been doing it on and off for about 40 years when first seeing photos of our troops marching through a French village in WW1 and have taken a today shot of the same place, also Britsh front line etc.
Original? If you have an old shot of a street, or whatever, what are the chances of someone else taking the same shot in the same position.
Anyway if I'm happy with my shots, have taken today shots in the same position of photos taken up to about 120 years ago of a village near me, and maybe you will find them interesting when I post ..erm gotta finish the film up first o_O
Mind you some of those old photo lenses gave a different perspective and worked out in one shot the lens that I would need would be 28-30mm, well I was using screw lenses 35mm and 50mm so my photo would need some adjusting, so should have taken a zoom.
In one shot was thinking what camera and lens about 60-70 years ago was used and is the equivalent of a slr 35mm 28-30mm lens erm 6X8 or 6X9. camera.
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