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I recently trialled an LCDVF to use Liveview for manual focus macro shooting. The concept seemed workable but two things didn't quite make it for me. Firstly, the requirement to stick a magnetic flang on the LCD cover meant that it wasn't easy to move it from body to body and secondly the lack of diopter adjustment required me to make a suitable spacer for my old eyes to focus on the LCD screen.

The intention was always to end up with a Z-Finder Pro if the "concept" was was, and this is what I've obtained.

The Z-Finder Pro comes in two magnifications, 2.5x and 3x, and I opted for the 3x based on the 2.5x being out pf stock at my preferred supplier.
The unit is shipped with all parts allowing it to be used on a standard size body (think ungripped 500D, 50D, 5D, 7D dimensions or the other sides equivalents). A gripped body or a 1srs Canon body required the additional order of the appropriate adapter plate.
The unit assembles simply and it takes only a minute or two to get it setup for the body. Later removal and installation is pretty much instant as it snaps apart or removes in the same way as a quick release, it uses the 1/4-20 tripod mount under the camera body.

The unit is supplied with three additional spacers to allow diopter adjustment beyond the range of the inbuilt thumbwheel adjuster (I needed to add one spacer).

Testing it for manual focus macro and long range static birding showed that it was a definite help with Liveview based focussing and not unduly tiring on the eyes (well, the right eye anyway). The bonus I hadn't foreseen was the additional stabilty for macro usage. The normal three point contact is two hands and a nose on the LCD screen. Now I have two hands and and eyecup pressed against my cheek/eyebrow region and it appears to help (users having the DT's might not get the same feel for it though).

I also believe that video users will find it a great benefit although video isn't my thing so you'll have to judge that for yourselves.


Zacuto's own site showing spec and details
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