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    Crop to Full Frame?

    Exactly. Every time someone asks this question you know print size will come up. I hardly ever print, and never print large, but the benefits of FF are obvious to me having owned both a 7D2 and 5D3. The FF image quality is better. DOF nicer, noise much less of an issue and finding quality wide...
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    Panasonic FF Mirrorless

    It is hard to avoid of course. That does not mean people can or should do nothing. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing deal. I am sure if I buy the latest "Made in Japan" Canon it will be less to do with China than this "Made in China" Panasonic for example. Anyway, I am not trying to...
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    Panasonic FF Mirrorless

    Some people do not want to buy goods made in China for political or moral reasons. I am surprised you've never heard this concept before. As an aside, my Samsung phone is made in South Korea.
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    Panasonic FF Mirrorless

    Did the above video reveal a glimpse of the dreaded words "MADE IN CHINA"? :eek:
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    Binoculars with OIS

    Having owned the 10x42L I have to agree. I would never buy a non-IS set of binoculars again. The battery life is not an issue. They seem to last forever. Get some Eneloops, no issues. Two hours of so of actual viewing time is much more than you might realise. Even using them on a tripod has...
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    Paignton Zoo - Orangs

    1 is a stand out for me. Cute, well isolated.
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    Melati, Jae Jae and their cubs

    1 and 6 for me. Nice shots.
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    Goshawk (wild) warning, its a bit gory

    Fantastic, rare looking shot. Great bird.
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    Cracker. Love the quizzical pose.
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    Red Kite

    Fantastic shot. Love it.
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    Kingfisher in action.

    Number 5 for me. The first few have some lovely blues.
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    Wasp attacking a thistle( I think)

    Square crop works here I think. Interesting image. There is more in there than first glance suggests. Nice.
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    Swimming Grass Snake

    Nice shot. That tongue out makes a big difference.
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    Candid business portraits

    Dear god not number 3! You can only work with the model you have and all but he has struck his best, and most camp superhero pose ever in that one! :jawdrop::wideyed: