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    Lockdown pet pics

    Hi all, With sod all sports to do I thought I'd bore you with some snaps of our pets lol #1 Athena the kitten. #2 Icarus our Sunglow Boa #3 Hades our Mexican Black King snake #4 Piper our Western Hognose #5 & finally Mika our Border Collie
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    yep, Tony, I don't know anyone out there who sponsors there own vest...……...………….. :ROFLMAO:
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    1,000th image used

    Hi all, A little, unabashed plug In me having my 1,000th image published in the printed press :). used a little off season but they pay the piper :).
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    The Derby

    Well Done Mark. Great work.
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    "The play"

    An image from a rugby game this weekend. Kind regards Graham.
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    Hi All, Here's a few images from a game I covered last night. C&C always welcome. Kind regards Graham #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
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    Some rugby images

    Hi Mark. Some nice action caught here, Are these cropped in?, If so I would use the cropping factor to enhance the shots (unless these are a standard crop for sales/publication of course? eg. #1, you could crop in from the left & extend to the right!, it's always better for a player to have...
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    UK Rugby: Tackles,passes & scores!

    Thanks for the rekindled interest guys :). Mark, if I remember, there no card issues here as this was a frame within a legal tackle that I captured mid completion. Hi Brian, as Mark says I cannot show images on sites without a prominent watermark due to RFL media regulations. Though...
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    Hi all, Here's a quick grabbed image of Pirsius our Royal (Ball) Python. He can bloody shift when he wants to lol. #1
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    Photomechanic 6 - will you upgrade?

    Thanks for the "Beta" test guys! I think i'll give it a miss for now as long as the previous versions receive support! after all, i still run with PS3 in the field too :).
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    In the Heat revisited.

    Thank you all for the input guys! I guess if I need to visit again I will post the colour versions. Ta!
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    In the Heat revisited.

    thank you for your input guys. As requested Robert here's a few colour ones. Regards Graham. #5 #6 #7
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    In the Heat revisited.

    PS colour images are available :)
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    In the Heat revisited.

    Hi all, I had to return to the Foundry assignment due to an employee not wearing the correct safety wear in some pics!!, (I didn't spot it TBH, but then again I wasn't looking for it?). A different furnace & casting protocol was in use on my visit so I took some images of that. Kind regards...
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    Sitting down

    I also use a MiniMax (with seat cover ;))!, but I also have a foldable Shakespeare fishing stool backpack style which has a large bag & pockets attached. I can fit in all my waterproofs, gloves etc in this, (even a spare camera), if I need to travel/shoot on rough terraine.