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    CBD oil - any experience from users ?

    Ouch.... no help but shoulders hurt, really hurt. I’m sorry
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    based on BJ's say so. I know that's a low bar but.....
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    Cant believe I'm away to do this

    The x1d has always struck me as you're paying a lot of cash for the Hassleblad name. But thats no help for your questions
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    The big hair (& I bet big shoulder pads) date it
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    If you drink and/or smoke and go to Europe - You will like this

    not sure how that’s different ( or any more Legal ) then what happens now
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    If you drink and/or smoke and go to Europe - You will like this

    That matches my experience, I’ve not noticed a price difference and you could, if you wanted take more
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    If you drink and/or smoke and go to Europe - You will like this

    I wonder how that’s better than we had
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    The virus. PPE. Part 2

    If you choice is feed your kids or flout the law? Isn't just easier to make sure people have the. support they need?
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    The "fine time piece" owners thread.

    I’m about to order a MBII - they’re stunning
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    Lens correction on every image?

    I do it automatically for every photo. Th manufacturers publish profiles for us to use.To my mind anyway
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    Engagement shoots with a drone

    In fairness Andy, you did post them in the 'Sharing and Critique' section. The forum rules also make it clear this section is for critique.
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    Help! 'Critique' or not 'Critique'?

    I think it a real shame that critique (for whatever reason) seems to have fallen by the wayside. Looking critically at a photograph and finding its plus or negative points was one one of the most valuable learning tools. I think photos posted anywhere but photos for pleasure are open fir critique
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    Maybe or maybe not, that’s a personal thing, but if you’re taking a trainee (who is paying you) to a job the client is paying you to do as well then your ethics are a bit sus
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    It’s been very objective. You asked for input.i assume you didn’t like the answer. I did the trained eye course 10 years ago before I knew better. Regarding David Paul why on earth would a high end photographer put someone infront of his clients as a trainee? Or need the income as a successful...
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    both courses are great if you wish to point cameras at models that someone else has posed for you and have a portfolio full of these shots with no guests or wedding skills. if that's what you want go for it. they won't teach you about a wedding