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    Posted for posterity

    pah just a newcomer then :D:D
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    Time To Update.

    FWIW I abandoned Abode LR and PS recently, for different reason from you. I moved to c1Pro which Im finding more than meets my needs and is at least as powerful as Adobe products
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    The plinth of controversy.

    Thats a fact, not an opinion
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    The plinth of controversy.

    I think as well you have to consider the context of a statue. If a statue (as I understand this was) is raised 100 yrs after Colston's death then are you celebrating him or some Victorian industrialists reasons for raising his statue? anyway enough of that. Crit for the picture TBH Roger I'm...
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    New Members?

    Ive no problem with people asking q's. Im sure I asked some pretty dumb things starting out. I know Ive welcomed help both here and in other forums. Its when helps offered and not acknowledged I object a little
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    Critique Local photo shoot

    Meant as nicely as possible, but that comes across in the images. Not everyone will ever like your work...its easy to say deal with that but deal with it. With the exception of the guyot the bike the models are mirroring your discomfort. A bit of advice if I may....hire a studio and a model. Be...
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    ID needed

    Not a great photo, and he doesn’t look in a great shape. What sort of moth is this?
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    What on earth is this little gadget?

    could it be some sort of photoelectric shutter release. Maybe for lightening photography?
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    A decent Hermes story for once.

    Unusually it seems I like Hermes. Theres a drop off point at the shop about 100 yds down the road, and they've always deliver when they say. The only issue Ive every had with them is one item I sent didn't update tracking properly and as a result eBay held the payment. Thats far from the worst...
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    Too many Cop Police TV shows

    You really should invest in one of these Jon. Transformed my life, it did :cool:
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    A few from Kew

    I like those alot
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    A few from Kew

    I like these. I've always liked the idea of using natural frames and putting something out of focus infront of your subject gives depth to a photo. The last two have a very vintage feel, Im sure that was your intent, which is lovely. Id like to see the set processed this way
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    Notice There's gon' be some new sheriffs in town

    As we have new adminies (god that autocorrects to adore, which is a whole other thread) is it time to lose the 'nudes and glamour' section?. I know its a valid genre of photography but its not exactly busy and I think, the quality of comments is detrimental to the quality of TP as a whole.
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    Dog Appreciation Thread, post your fave dog shots here...

    My two looking like butter wouldn’t melt