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    BT Mesh replacement

    I have some new linksys velops, comes with 3 devices. I haven't posted for sale but are available. If you are interested?
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    Windows 10 - can't set up email

    Which application are you using? Also can you share a screenshot of the error
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    144mhz vs 4k for photography

    Thanks for the response. Why would curve make it fit for the bin? This is a link to the actual display At the time, it fit my budget and the panel looked good. With future proofing...
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    144mhz vs 4k for photography

    Hi all. Wouldn't say I am new to photography, but I have been out of touch of late. Work gave us a working from home allowance to buy kit. During the black Friday sales I bought a Samsung curved 144mhz 27" monitor LC27JG50QQUXEN Neither my work or my personal laptop are rated at 144mhz...
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    Bluetooth on Windows 10

    Most laptops should have a Bluetooth transmitter built into the wireless card. You just need to make sure you have the correct driver for your card.
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    Is it dangerous to sit near a Wifi Router and/or Wifi Extender

    Don't forget, if you have electricity cables running to sockets near your head whilst you sleep that also let's of an EMF.
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    Nikon D300 and silica gell

    Thanks for the tip.i have a d7k which doesn't get out much. I am para about condensation
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    That feeling of panic.....

    I panic about losing files all the time. What do I do with that panic. Nothing!!!
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    The Staggering Amount of Data Facebook Messenger Collects about you.

    I agree. People think this is new, but they forget bout every other company they interact with. When you register for warranties Credit check agencies (like experian) Local councils and trash collection. Banks You name it. . .
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    On your phone,use the app
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    Messenger - No Internet Connection

    I had the same yesterday. Fine now
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    Hero 8 or Hero 9?

    I had the hero8 silver. I hated it, crashed quite a few times with a battery you couldn't remove. This meant I lost some what would have been amazing videos. If buying go for the black version. You can remove the battery etc. Not used the hero 9, but I don't feel the value for money can be...
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    Storing a DSLR, battery or no battery?

    I only ever store batteries out.
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    SSDs how long could one last?

    I would use ssd for running the software, then use hdd as storage.
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    SSDs how long could one last?

    Here is a really good article that will help you understand: In essence, even though there are no moving parts we can see, there are moving electrons, which do cause wear. The thing with any silicon chip based storage is, it gives very...