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    Condensation inside pc screen

    I agree. Get a de humidifier for the room. I can only imagine there is damp and fungal spores growing there too
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    New camera phone?? Huawie P30??

    But can you install Google play? So the normal app store?
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    New camera phone?? Huawie P30??

    On the P40. I looked at that. Just remember, there isn't a play store. Maybe a work around.
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    Capturing the night sky.

    Hi all Given the lockdown, I am stuck in Stevenage where my partner lives. Of all the things I really don't like about the place, there is one that is bittersweet. . . The street lights are switched off at night, almost entirely, throughout the entire place. Which is great for little light...
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    My take on drones

    I bought my self a mini some months ago to see how I get on. I love it. Especially seen as the new drone rules doesn't affect it. I can totally appreciate the feelings of true photographic freedom. My next purchase is the pro2 or 3 when that comes out.
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    My Homemade Lens Coat / Lens Sleeve

    That's awesome. What is it made of?
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    What new printer?

    It does look good. Hmm
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    What new printer?

    Sorry I can't help much, I tend to just go to a third party printer for the occasional print. The ET7700is almost £500. What's so special about it?
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    Question about Amazon Photos (Prime). - Added Question Post 12

    Oh my God prime does photos? I pay dropbox for that lol
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    New camera phone?? Huawie P30??

    I've looked at the P30 pro as a replacement to my Samsung note 9 (bad customer service). If you like the photography, the P30 pro is amazing with its optical zoom.
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    Automatically resizing a linked picture on a WordPress website

    Hi. Not sure specific to this issue. I assume the image being used is off another website. It is never advisable to use images from other websites for a few reasons. Firstly, some webhosts will stop other websites from continuously requesting its resources to manage leaching, bandwidth etc...
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    Laptop screens don't brake according insurance.

    Copy and paste what you wrote on your claim form here.
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    Laptop screens don't brake according insurance.

    With insurance companies you have to be really careful with the wording. For example, if it fell, I would say it was open, on a table and it tipped over. Easiest thing is, someone was carrying it down stairs and they slipped.
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    Best batteries for Flash Gun/LED Flash

    Reviving an old thread - but no point in making a new one. So do we have any recent recommendations for rechargeable batteries for flashguns? I Bought some EBL 2800 mah batteries of Amazon. So far I am not impressed. I use a Nitcore D4 charger for all my batteries. When they arrived the...
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    Looking for an Android app to 'scan' documents to PDFs

    Think I'll have a look at simple scan ;)