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    Dashcam recommendations (Models under a year old)

    You tube link I've uploaded a video from the other night which shows one of the regular close shaves that I experience in KL - look out for the yellow car :) - Remember to make sure you're watching it in 1080p in the dropdown menu - and enjoy a little bit of Queen while watching - (the sound...
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    Dashcam recommendations (Models under a year old)

    It took a while to arrive - but has impressed me greatly. The attention to detail of 'what's in the box' was much more than I expected - there's a wipe/wrap/tool for everything. All the little things you'd expect to find yourself. Anyway - the camera was installed very easily - nice small...
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    Alter - A new filter attachment system - yay? nay?

    That was the only reason I was drawn to it....
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    Alter - A new filter attachment system - yay? nay?

    I just saw this on my instagram feed - not linked to it in any way - what do you think? When I use my 10 stop filter - I'm forever screwing it on - unscrewing it - this would let me flip and down in half a second - seems like it's light sealed too... No prices yet - but will be a kickstarter...
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    Car oil question!

    They might have the same viscosity - but it's worth checking out their API ratings (will be printed in tiny small print somewhere on the bottles) The API (American Petroleum Institute) basically tells you how good the oil is for a certain age of car. If your vehicle is newer than 2010 - you...
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    Dashcam recommendations (Models under a year old)

    Thanks everyone for giving me some input - I hadn't come across street guardian - and from the dash forum linked I found the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO to be one of the best buys. Had a look on Amazon - and they ship to Malaysia (I don't get charged VAT - so the £150 price tag became £121). I've...
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    Canon 1D X Mk II Owners Thread

    No :) Only the real one cuts it.
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    Backpacking Asia + Aus- take a tripod?

    I've travelled through Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Japan and Australia with a tripod - never once felt out of place - and in each country I used it. Very useful for night time images. I tended to leave it in the hotel in the day...
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    Tripod - £400, hit me (not literally)

    I bought a 3 legged thing just before Christmas from Jessops - A Leo with an Airhed Switch ball head - My Manfrotto tripod was too heavy for general travel around, and so was looking for something compact, lightweight, would fit in a suitcase, be easy to carry around but still hold a Canon 1dx2...
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    Dashcam recommendations (Models under a year old)

    My last nextbase cam died after 6 months - so a little sceptical of the brand. My recent polaroid cam died after 10 months. I'm in a warm place - so the life expectancy is a little reduced as a result. I'm looking to order from amazon - as I'm overseas - but some models don't ship to where I...
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    Review Bristol Cameras - one to avoid

    I have ordered from them in the past - they are slow - but cheap. They might actually be more successful if they advertised themselves this way - 'Hey we're cheap - but we're a bit slow - if you want to save money - but are not in a rush - we are for you!!'
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    Dashcam recommendations (Models under a year old)

    I had a quick search - and couldn't find a recent thread on this - am needing to buy a new dash cam - but am getting more and more put off by the number of fake and one star reviews on our favourite amazon website. There are some that look good that then appear to have 300 5 star reviews posted...
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    Next day camera

    And the forum is full of two distinct brigades who will all be along in the minute to tell you all about why you should or shouldn't buy grey. One half telling you how the world will fall apart if you don't buy UK stock, and the other half having more money in their bank accounts as a result of...
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    Huawei caught using DSLR photos (again) to show off its phone

    Does anyone trust Huawei for anything anymore? :)