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    HomePlug adapters

    I would have thought so but best to have a quick scan of the manual to ensure it's supported, less than £20 for an 8 Port Netgear Switch if it does.
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    HomePlug adapters

    Can you run a switch off the Mesh WiFi and if so does your Sky Box have an ethernet port? There might be a solution then to run everything hardwired to the switch that's in the area, I did this in my parents living room, everything that was possible to hard wire to a 8 port netgear switch and...
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    Expired Cinestill 800T @ 3200 | Martin Parr Exhibition

    I've not really taken any pictures in the last two years due to life events so I thought I would head out to a Martin Parr Exhibition and try Cinestill 800T for the first time. Cardiff Museum | Mamiya C330 with 80mm Lens | Expired Cinestill 800T Pushed to 3200 Cardiff Museum by Jason Turvey...
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    Film Developing in the UK

    After issues with several rolls I would rather give someone else a go rather than go back and fourth with AG, it's not worth my time to keep going back to a company with complaints hence looking for alternatives :)
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    Film Developing in the UK

    Good info and thanks for the replies :) I'll try Filmdev for my next batch of film then.
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    Film Developing in the UK

    I think it's time to move on to be honest as it's happened a number of times, I'll check out Filmdev... thanks both.
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    Film Developing in the UK

    I've just had some dirty negs back from AG, not the first time so I think it's time to try someone else. Is Peak still one of the preferred labs and has anyone used Digitalab? Thanks
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    JCH Street Pan - anyone here used it?

    I do like this film but I've only shot a couple of rolls so I'm not 100% sure how to expose it correctly TBH; Cardiff ~ 2017 by Jason Turvey, on Flickr Cardiff ~ 2017 by Jason Turvey, on Flickr Cardiff ~ 2017 by Jason Turvey, on Flickr Cardiff ~ 2017 by Jason Turvey, on Flickr I might try...
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    Adobe RGB Monitor for Photo Editing and Gaming

    Look for something with 120 or more refresh rate for gaming, avoid 60 IMO. The following caught my eye the other day but I've not checked out the colour space yet;
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    Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, Toshiba and probably others I've forgotten about over the years.
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    Samgsung vs Sandisk SDD

    How about an alternative to rival Samsung, a Crucial MX500 and a UGreen Caddy;
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    online monochrome fine art printing service

    You could check out Metro and Bayeux to see if they meet your needs;
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    Raid Storage

    I've been happy with QNAP if you're looking into other companies devices.
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    Beginner Where do you buy your film?

    A few others to add to your list; Jack the Hat; Film Photography Store (US); Nik & Trick; Discount Films Direct; Process Supplies...
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    Expensive Mistake

    Did you try anywhere like Ffordes Photographic as £500 for the camera and grip is crazy low?