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    Brands, last round, crash shot

    i was at the top of druids and just happened to be looking down the hill and caught this. a typical caption this image :)
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    Kate Middleton topless photos: with camera phones and drone technology, soon no one w

    interesting opinions on the last six pages, public interest?....hmm, it is sort of, for the public that crave "celeb" gossip but then i have no time for those people. should media publications have limits on what they can publish, based on privacy and decency? (which is a subjective thing) then...
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    North Weald drag racing

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    Donington Stock 1000 Crash

    you've seen mine on facebook :)
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    Vulcan Bomber and 125 racers

    taken at Donington BSB Sept 9th 2012 lucky timing :)
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    HDEW CAMERAS anyone used them?

    My 5d arrived today, only complaint......i was expecting an e-mail to say it was en route, and i didn't get one. So, ordered Friday, arrived Wednesday. works for me :D
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    HDEW CAMERAS anyone used them?

    judging by what i've read i'm going to order a 5d body from them this week...and if it goes tits up, i'm blaming you lot :D
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    full frame v the rest

    do any of them explain it simply? :thinking: :lol:
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    full frame v the rest

    a search brings up a billion threads :/
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    full frame v the rest

    ok guys, in a way i can understand. what benefits would i get from going to an eos 5d 12.1mp from an eos 500d. can you say as a percentage how much better the photos will be cropped and uncropped? or am i asking an impossible question? :)
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    Forum Bikes

    ones with engines count? :shrug: and it is purely a snapshot :)
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    my BSB final round efforts

    not sure of the mode used, i'll look when i get home, i have done a small amount of sharpening in paint shop pr, due to the fencing at Brands it's harder to get close and low in many places :(
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    my BSB final round efforts

    bump for crit or advice :)
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    recommend me a lens please (canon fit)

    done some reading of these and think i will go for this choice :) thank you :)
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    recommend me a lens please (canon fit)

    budget will be approx £400 by the way, thanks for the advice so far, the show is linked to the Only Way is Essex ( my bosses manage a few of them) so i should be able to get fairly close so massive zoom not an issue :)