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    No Histogram on Canon 5D Mark IV

    Exposure Simulation must be set to Enable.
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    That would be good, though right now I'd settle for a few more reviews like Gordon Laing's excellent stills-centric video linked above. Most vloggers are wrong to assume that their own personal use case is representative of the majority. Nobody else needs to spend hours running 8k at a talking...
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    Should I stay with EF lenses or move to RF?

    This. If I go for the R6, it will probably be with the new RF 24-105 as it's a bit better than my EF Mk1 version. But I'll not change any of my other EF lenses that will work just like they do now via the adapter, but with the benefits of the R5/6 AF system. And this too. Canon's M-series is...
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    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday :wave:
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    24MP vs. 42MP and IS effects

    On my 23in monitor, the enlarged sections are equivalent to a full image around 4m wide. And the standard viewing distance for a poster print that size would be about 5m. Our ability to easily zoom into an image on the PC is very handy, but in terms of how images are actually viewed, it's a...
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    Interior photography / decor advice

    And this again - lighting is the key.
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    Magnification with TC

    Not guilty :)
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    About to get these lenses for Canon! Any canon users out there who have these lenses I would appreciate feedback!

    Thanks for clarifying. I must have missed something but it sounded like you were buying a bunch of Canon-fit lenses for a Nikon! That aside though, my suggestion would be don't buy anything until your daughter knows what she needs. - Lens choice tends to be quite a personal thing and as you've...
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    Flash Power Question

    I think t.5 times are often quoted simply because they make the flash duration look better, ie faster. The Guide Number will be based on a meter reading, ie the total output, or effectively t.0 if you like. Manufacturers tend to give us as little information as they can get away with. FWIW in...
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    Flash Power Question

    On a brighter note (haha) to my posts above, in practise things are not quite as bad as you might think if you've done the sums. Because the flash pulse rises very quickly to peak brightness right at the start and then fades away more gradually, the lion's share of the light output still makes...
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    Flash Power Question

    Anyone interested in seeing how fast focal plane shutters move, here are a couple of links to slo-mo videos. There are timings shown on some but an easier way to calculate the curtain travel time is to look at the 1/1000sec clip and pause it when the exposed area is half way down. Then measure...
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    Flash Power Question

    There's not a focal plane shutter in existence that moves fast enough to capture the full max power light output of most flash units at 1/250sec (4ms) shutter speed or even 1/200sec (5ms), given that the shutter curtain takes around 3ms to uncover the sensor. Some shutters take a little longer...
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    Some minds are more easily blown than others :)
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    Canon EOS R Series Cameras

    It's in the mind, but each to their own. If I get an R6* it'll be with an RF 24-105/4 L because that's a better lens than my EF Mk1, not because it's RF. None of the other four Canon EF lenses that I use regularly are available yet in RF anyway but that's no problem at all IMHO - they'll work...