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    Cotswold Wildlife Park - Lion Cubs

    Lovely! The 2nd one is my favourite, his expression is so comical! :D
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    I would like to ask for a little critique on these photos. I hope to use one of them as part of a photo gift I plan to create for some friends and so want to use the best one possible. These are a few of many I took back in May while in Innsbruck. Which do you think would be the best choice, and...
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    Beginner First attemps

    Wow, you really seem to know your stuff gardenersassistant! Your correct about the lens etc. I did have issues with flash and distance but will work on that when I next get the chance and will also get myself more familiar with more of the settings. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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    Beginner First attemps

    I've just upgraded cameras and have been having a go at macro. I'd welcome some critique to give me a little direction. I've been wanting to do macro for a while and hope to improve
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    flowers and animals

    Nope, don't be sorry. An honest opinion/critique is exactly what I wanted and needed. Most of these shots were experimental after I got my new camera, Didn't really give thought to the fact they were over exposed, and looking through other photo's I've taken It seems to be a common problem for...
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    flowers and animals

    I'm very new to both this forum and to the world of photography in general. I'm a complete and utter novice and I'm nervous sharing these photos but I hope to get some tips, advice and critique. Thanks!
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    Grizzly Bear (Alberta), Black Bear (British Columbia)

    Great photos. I envy the experience, I'd love to go to Canada.
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    Killer Whale (Orcinus Orca)

    I agree, it's kinda depressing to see them in conditions so well below what they need,, 'Death at Seaworld' by David Kirby makes for a very eye opening read on the subject. That aside the photos are lovely, I particularly like the third one!