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    Camera straps?!

    I use a black rapid setup for my 7D and sigma 150-600 and have had no problems that I can blame the strap for. I read a lot of stories about the metal swivel wearing and breaking, so I back it up with a strap from the conventional strap loop on the top of the camera to a carabina clipped...
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    File numbering with two cameras

    Similar to above - the 7D files are GG7_xxxx and the 5D is GG5_xxxx. Mrs Moggys are TG5_xxxx etc For canons its selectable in the yellow part of the menus
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    Which dash camera?

    Just to buck the nextbase trend, I have a Thinkware F770 and like it so much I got another to fit in Mrs Moggys car. For a basic model with very good image quality I'd consider the Aukey dual camera from Amazon. No wifi or screen, but very good for the money (less than £100) I have one in my Mini
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    Why did you choose that make ?

    Never having had a DSLR I tried a mates Nikon D70, walked into the shop to buy one and walked out with a Canon :) I discussed what I wanted to do with it with the chap in the shop, he let me try a few and I much preferred the feel of the Canon, and the navigation of the menus so bought one of...
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    Canon EOS 5ds vs 5d mkiv

    I have no experience with a 5Ds but can say that the 7D ii and 5D iv is a good combination, I have it for almost the same reasons as you are proposing
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    Dolphins at Roker

    Lovely to see some nice shots of them Jason, Ive been three times and haven't seen a flipper although a couple of friends have been luck
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    Scotland Oban/west or central scotland

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, as it happens the only day it was clear enough to even see birds was the day we drove home and for two of the days we could barely see the end of the jetty from the shore, so the eagles will have to wait until next time.
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    Scotland Oban/west or central scotland

    Same here, first time, we are there 8-12th. I'm trying to avoid going to Mull this trip as we are thinking of spending a week on Mull at the beginning of September so it makes sense to do other things this trip Ive not heard of it, but will definitely look it up as I really want a sea eagle...
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    Scotland Oban/west or central scotland

    Excellent, thanks for that Stephen
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    Scotland Oban/west or central scotland

    I'm heading up to Oban in a couple of weeks, and wondered if anyone could recommend any good wildlife hides in western or central Scotland that are open to the public, or any areas that might have easy access to some good wildlife (red squirrels especially). I've never been to this bit of...
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    Brownsea Island Reds.....

    Ah well, was worth asking just in case :) Snaizeholme is just a few miles south of Hawes and parking is next to a farm house, then a short walk down to the valley floor. I didn't notice a hide but there are a few viewpoints and official feeders, one of which has a lovely framework in front of it...
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    Brownsea Island Reds.....

    Some lovely shots Mark, I wish the island was closer to me, I'd love to visit. I spend a lot of my spare time in Yorkshire, and know about Snaizeholme. Are there are other good areas in the dales area that I should consider visiting?
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    Kingfisher in flight

    wow, things have certainly changed in two years :) Lovely shots, each and every one
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    Red Squirrels

    Thanks, glad you like them. As for the specs, not only has the shape changed but Im using varifocals (hence the glasses are deeper to allow the gradient to happen, I used to wear quite shallow ones). Its something I am going to have to try to keep an eye on (sorry, bad pun, but you know what I...
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    Lake District Red Squirrels

    I like them all, but the second one seems to have a perplexed expression - "I'm sure I had a nut here a minute ago. Did you take it?"