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    Dioptic advice needed please

    Your prescription for your glasses should give an insight and its worth asking your opticians advice as they often come across this issue with customers For what its worth my prescription is for +2 and with both Fuji & Leica diopters +2 was perfect for me.
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    Back in time - a film camera

    You can buy complete kits now to process your films at home and in the long run as long as you have a scanner that can scan negatives, its cheap and fun to do.
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    The Amazing Sony A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Just in case anyone else is having trouble inputing the date when trying to activate Sony's extended warranty.. Ignore the format it states inline and enter it like this - 2020-05-13 using todays date as an example, entering how it says ie 13/05/2020 or 2020/05/13 doesn't work.
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    When this is all over?

    Firstly this is never going to be all over as long as international travel is still allowed and given that our lot are still only telling those who arrive that they should self isolate for 14 days instead of a mandatory 14 day quarantine as well as our home grown idiots ignoring & flouting...
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    What and when was your first serious camera?

    Nikon FM approx 1979-1980 still love them today, great workhorse with a nice 50mm
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    Top three best cameras you have ever bought

    Leica M2 Leica M10 Sony A7RIII
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    Leica M10 hire, UK

    Have you tried calling Leica store london, Leica store manchester, red dot camera's, ffordes cameras, aperture cameras and asking?
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    The Amazing Sony A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    18 months between models being significantly upgraded is a joke when your shelling out that much on a camera!! I foresee the S/H market being flooded with A7Riii's knocking the secondhand values of all sony's for six, I'm just glad I got out chasing features & megapixels and turned to the dark...
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    Official Talk Leica thread

    Cracking lens with a modern style of rendering, very sharp, superb micro contrast, only just pipped by the modern Summicrons for sharpness. I still have mine even though I now have a Summicron 50mm. In short if you can't afford a "cron then you need the Zeiss. The only downsides are the 43mm...
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    New toy.. a nice M2 can't wait to run some film through it. DSCF6379 by Ian Candler, on Flickr
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    Venus Fly Trap and Sundew (Macro Photos and 30 Day Timelapse)

    Good video, well worth a watch
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    Official Talk Leica thread

    I don't think I've posted these before.... Both taken on a M10 with 7 Artisans 35/2 wide open.
  13. magicaxeman vs grey camera gear, prices so close.

    Of course by buying from the grey market you are breaking the law, but no one seems to care about that and the closure of UK camera stores caused by buying from the grey market instead of UK dealers.
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    What is your Fav Street camera/lens combo?

    Leica M10 + 50 'cron
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    Sorry another tripod question!

    Benro Mach 2 carbon fibre, rock solid.