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    Leica M10 hire, UK

    Have you tried calling Leica store london, Leica store manchester, red dot camera's, ffordes cameras, aperture cameras and asking?
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    The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    18 months between models being significantly upgraded is a joke when your shelling out that much on a camera!! I foresee the S/H market being flooded with A7Riii's knocking the secondhand values of all sony's for six, I'm just glad I got out chasing features & megapixels and turned to the dark...
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    Official Talk Leica thread

    Cracking lens with a modern style of rendering, very sharp, superb micro contrast, only just pipped by the modern Summicrons for sharpness. I still have mine even though I now have a Summicron 50mm. In short if you can't afford a "cron then you need the Zeiss. The only downsides are the 43mm...
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    New toy.. a nice M2 can't wait to run some film through it. DSCF6379 by Ian Candler, on Flickr
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    Venus Fly Trap and Sundew (Macro Photos and 30 Day Timelapse)

    Good video, well worth a watch
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    Official Talk Leica thread

    I don't think I've posted these before.... Both taken on a M10 with 7 Artisans 35/2 wide open.
  7. magicaxeman vs grey camera gear, prices so close.

    Of course by buying from the grey market you are breaking the law, but no one seems to care about that and the closure of UK camera stores caused by buying from the grey market instead of UK dealers.
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    What is your Fav Street camera/lens combo?

    Leica M10 + 50 'cron
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    Sorry another tripod question!

    Benro Mach 2 carbon fibre, rock solid.
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    Leica advise......please.

    I was in a similar situation last year but when it came down to it I realised that the camera had to have a rangefinder & manual focus or I wouldn't get that authentic Leica experience that meant just one thing, an M, the M9 was out due to the sensor problem, the M240 was to heavy so that just...
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    Are cameras and menus too complicated?

    It took me 3 days and several youtube video's to set up my Sony A7RIII via its plethora of menu's, it took me 10mins to set up my Leica M10 including the fast access menu for regularly used features. So yes they have gotten far too complicated.
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    How content are you with your camera?

    I've often wondered if people always get G.A.S or are always looking for the next camera that can focus a millisecond faster,lock on and track more reliably, has a larger sensor, more megapixels, better high ISO/low noise etc etc........... Or are you content with the gear you have? Does it...
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    Beauty Dish/Stripbox advice

    Thanks Phil can you message me with roughly what you want for it please. Thanks for your kind offer of a chat Garry, sorry but I've been under the weather a bit this week.
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    Beauty Dish/Stripbox advice

    Thanks Phil, is it white or silver ? Thanks again Garry, I'll bear that in mind about the stand as well as go for grids on both.