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    Talk to me about Harris/Lewis

    Just for reference spring tides aren't related to seasons, they occur twice a (lunar) month, so you can get them year round. If you want dramatic breaking waves then spring tides are your best bet, springs bring high high tides and low low tides (as opposed to Neap Tides which bring low high...
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    What are all you landscapers doing now?

    I’ve gone back through file imports from the past and found some untouched jems that had remained unprocessed. I’ve got some good stuff out of it, and wondered why I’d overlooked them at the time.
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    Beginner What is the point of ...

    My goal is for my viewer to feel like they are there with me taking the photo, for example winter shots I like to feel cold, a few people have said they shivered when they saw one particular shot which to me felt like I'd nailed that one. Other shots I try and bring a feeling of bleakness and...
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    Where should I go in Scotland in May!

    I love Skye. If you're heading to Glen Coe go down the Glen Etive road, and up to the lochan, both amazing locations.
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    Where should I go in Scotland in May!

    Glen Coe, Castle Stalker, Eilean Donan, Loch Lubnaig and the Trossachs is a nice area.
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    Filter Budget of £400

    I'm guessing that is who I think it is?!! I'd get Lee Foundation kit - £50 Adaptor rings - get from ebay, there is a chinese company who do compatibles for about £10, I've got some for some of my lenses, and they're just as good as Lee originals, get wide angles if poss. Two stop hard edge -...
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    White balance software?

    I use Capture One Pro 8 but imagine most will work the same, I do a quick skim and tag shots with similar which need the same treatment, eg tag 2 for the main room, 3 for side room 1, 4 for outside etc, then set the filters to show me only each batch, correct 1 and batch apply it to that batch...
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    Canon tilt shift

    I use a Canon 24 for architectural stuff, the mk1. It is good, so good I might go for the Mk2. I also shoot with a Linhof view camera with full movements if I want more than the Canon can offer.
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    A day out in York and its close surroundings

    Very kind, thanks. You may see that shot about, I'm involved in setting up York Rescue Boat ( ) and we're using it for the marketing for that.
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    A day out in York and its close surroundings

    I'd love to but am working during the day I am afraid, happy to be around in the evening if you're still in town?
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    Falling Foss

    As Richard and I say there is a gentle walk down to the falls, if you're stood where you took the third shot bear right and follow the path around.
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    Falling Foss

    The path next to the cafe is ridiculously steep, I'd not try it in rain with kit without being roped on, but there is a longer walk around which is much safer.
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    A day out in York and its close surroundings

    The ouse runs through town, the main bridges, Ouse, Lendal and Skeldergate all have decent angles on them from the path next to the river. EG Lendal Bridge: Walk a bit further out of town (only half a mile or so) and you've got Millennium bridge which is a bit different: Waterfalls you'll...
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    Just bought a set of Lee Filters .... I need a case /pouch

    Lee 10 filter pouch, and I keep each filter in the same slot each time, so I can remove them by feel if I am setting up in the dark, 2 stop hard edge for example is 5th filter in.
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    White balance question. Would this work?

    If you use Lee filters at all they sell lens caps which fit over your filter ring to save removing them to fit standard lens caps, they can be used for white balance if you wish. I keep them on all my lenses and label them so I know which lens to pull out of my bag.