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    Loch Achray

    I was about to say the same, gotta have a van pic now!
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    Bow Fiddle Rock

    very nice Mike, No 2 is my favourite with few wee rocks in the foreground.
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    Scotland Hey from Scotland

    Dumfries for me.
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    Scotland Hey from Scotland

    Where are you at Michael?
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    Any experts in dry lining in the house?

    Also use foil backed plasterboard.
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    Sitting cub

    I also read the rest of the thread too after seeing this, what a treat for you and what an experience, I think they a beautiful creatures even though folk some regard them as vermin. fantastic pictures Stuart.
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    Sitting cub

    That's a fantastic photo Stuart, I cant believe how sharp the details is, it's incredible. love the stare and the glint in his eye.
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    Dragon Hunt with the 200-600mm

    I'd say it performed rather well there Les. Lovely.
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    Wild Spring Fox in Bluebells

    That's fantastic. I love it.
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    Two for the price of one

    That's a cracker for sure
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    Today's family exercise - feel free to add to this :)

    my sister lives opposite the church in Ulceby.
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    Why we love steam trains

    Well there you go, learn something every day. I didn't realize they had all that gubbins inside them! must make a helluva bang when they go pop.
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    RAF Lakenheath Winter shots F-15 Eagles

    As plane photies go, these are some of the best for sure Craig. Excellent.
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    Glencoe - Alpine Winter style

    love these Steve, floats my boat!
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    Parton Beach sunset on the rocks Now with added shot

    I think these are lovely Alf, quite dramatic.