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    Tour Auto 2018

    Love the last one. You’ve used the light really well! Perhaps it is true what they say... It’s all about the light! •
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    More British GT from Oulton Park

    Wow, the chicane shot is ace! Great imagery.
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    Bird ID please

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    Autumn Walk

    :LOL: I lurk from time to time ;)
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    Autumn Walk

    #4 is awesome :D
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    BTCC Season Final Brands Hatch

    Great set as always Matty. Nothing more to be said (y)
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    Wales Rally GB - October 2018

    500mm... I shot it with an 85 :LOL:
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    Nikon D750

    I’ve seen the pics, you really shouldn’t be :D Had an email alerting me to the fact you lot were still talking about me. This is very true. I have many pairs :LOL: 1 more than you. Unless you count the donkeys :hug:
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    Nikon D750

    Haha, shut it chubby.
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    "older" 70-200 f2.8 - yay or nay

    85mm prime :D
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    My Take on the 2018 BTCC visit to Croft Circuit

    #2 is the winner here mate. Great take. Kane looked like all his birthdays and christmas’s had come at once as well! What a great experience for him.
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    Assynt Sunset from Stac Pollaidh

    Love it mate. Top notch as always.
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    Another Bluebell Shoot

    Nice set Kris. #1 is brilliant.