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    Cleaning printheads

    Ordered a kit and set of new inks, fingers crossed it works. Thanks for the links.
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    Cleaning printheads

    thank you off to google.
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    Cleaning printheads

    Just bought an epson r1900 a3 printer just for colour work (I have an epson pro 3880 just for b&w) The r1900 was cheap (£30)as the heads are blocked anyone have experience of cleaning blocked print heads?
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    What and when was your first serious camera?

    Mine was a zenit e in about 1979 I was 14 then later an olympus om1
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    High milage d700

    Wow that's an amazing price, they seem to make silly money on flea Bay at the moment
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    High milage d700

    Hi all fancy another d700 would you buy 1 with 155k on it, it's cheap at 275
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    Hello From the East Coast!!!

    Hi welcome to talkphotography from sunny essex
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    Hello all

    Hi and welcome to talkphotography
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    Hi from the midlands

    Hi and a warm welcome from Essex
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Hi welcome to talkphotography
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    East Anglia I've got the bug! Now I can't stop snapping!

    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    Westcliff for me
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    Fuji x100/S/T/F Owners Thread

    Local boy then? Had a few nights I can't remember in the spa lol. Been thinking of getting the f for a while since selling my x100s.
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    East Anglia I'm Darren, nice to meet you all

    Hi m8ty welcome to talkphotography