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    Nikon D7200 Exposure Compensation Puzzle

    Thank you, ironically after I posted my problem I read my looked it up in my David Busch D7200 book and discovered that in M mode it becomes a you say. I know my way around the D7200 but I'd never had occasion to combine Manual mode with exposure compensation but I'd never use auto...
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    Nikon D7200 Exposure Compensation Puzzle

    Exposure compensation is something I've never really messed around often but I was experimenting recently with my 60mm Macro and a ring flash. With the camera set on manual I progressively turned up the Exposure compensation to a maximum of 5.0 with absolutely NO difference in exposures...
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    Autofocus issue Nikon D7200

    This may be very off course but whilst reading David Busches D7200 book something comes to mind. I vaguely recall about a setting (even possibly associated with button assignment) where it states something like Camera focuses Once. I've been raking through this Tome this morning to no avail...
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    How to get back out there

    Whilst I'm new here, this subject is very familiar to me and currently I might add. Being an older lady and being old school I would never walk out the front door without a face on which in itself is no big effort required but couple that with the loss of my Photo inspiration Mojo - incentive...