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    How bad is this sensor?

    He's not. From experience, I'd ask for a full refund and if one isn't forthcoming then use to get the value of the outstanding items back. PT if you need any more info. :thumbs:
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    Shiny watch

    That's a brilliant shot, and a lovely watch too. As commented on above, the reflection of the face works well
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    365 : A self portrait every day for one year

    Fantastic thread Marcel - it truly is. The photos and the commentaries have been varied but really fun. I hope your 365 helps with your self-confidence :thumbs:
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    UV light

    OK, thanks, lady and gent :thumbs:
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    UV light

    Hi I've been experimenting taking shots with UV lighting and other lights, and all I'm getting is the secondary lighting. Will the camera sensor not pick up the purple UV light rays? Thanks :shrug:
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    Searching the Heavens

    Agreed with Slapo. For my part the colouration of the sky makes this shot nice enough. :thumbs:
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    Ruby, what a poser

    I agree - the first one is a corker. That's a poster sort of shot! :thumbs:
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    Zulu Surfer

    A great pic. Now there's a dog at play!
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    Who'd be a referee?

    Good action shots there. Presumably the black one is the lady they are fighting over?
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    Pink Bananas!

    Thanks. Once it's a bit further on I'll have another go. I'll make sure I dead-head it too because, if I'm honest, that struck me once you mentioned it. :)
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    Wow, Dave - fantastic shots! Bet you're well chuffed
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    Seal who's lost his razor.

    I like that. Detailed and clear. The purple bit cracks me up!
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    Pink Bananas!

    The plant is a Musa Velutina, and member of the banana family, and when it fruits, the bananas are pink. They're only very small which makes it a bit awkward to shoot them. The shot is pretty much as it came off the camera save for a slight sharpen and resize for here. I'd be happy for any...
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    Canal Bridge

    Nice shot - prefer it all in focus rather than OOF. Did you blur it in PS/PSP or take a number of shots?
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    nepal man...

    Ditto. Put it in a room white lightish walls and mid colour woodwork and it'd be a real feature. Nepal is one place I want to go, and not just cos I love Khukuris!