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    What Are Your Photo Goals 2020

    To take the camera out more this year, other than a trip to Wales and Iceland the camera stayed at home. Well it came fishing the few times I went but I don't count trophy shots as using the camera!
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    UK or USA?

    You definitely have to be selective when buying over there now as its not the majority thats cheaper anymore but there is still bargains to be had in some cases.
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    UK or USA?

    After visiting the jessops local to me I decided to wait till New York and visit b&h as it seems cheaper anyway unless it’s jessops own brand filters.
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    UK or USA?

    Thanks for the info I think I'll just grab one in jessops to save hassle the other end. Yeh the tax thing is unusual I have traveled the states a couple of times and its always a bit of a headache!I just add 20% overall every state then when its less I feel like I have got a better deal :LOL:
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    UK or USA?

    Hey guys, I go to America on Tuesday and thinking of getting a UV filter for my lens and maybe a new strap, The question is do I get them there and will they be cheaper or am I better off picking one up at WEX? the pro of getting one here is that I don't have to look around New York for a...
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    The Orion Nebula

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    A little too much Brandywine

    beautiful part of the world and a enjoyable set reflecting the beauty that is there
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    What Do You Do With Your Images?

    I tend to upload and sort them then maybe stick the odd one on instagram or facebook however a lot sit there doing nothing, but a lot of my photos are travel related and although other people may just see a car or a mountain view I re-live the moment in my mind of what was happening in that...
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    NGC7822 - a 2 pane astro mosaic

    s*** the bed thats incredible!!
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    Birthday Moon

    the moon looks almost stuck on!great picture
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    One from the Beach.

    Ahhh sorry I misunderstood you.Yeh there was defiantly better angles to be had but with two energetic Pom puppies charging around I was lucky to get this one in the end!They usually only stand still long enough to get a treat then they are off again :p
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    One from the Beach.

    Thanks for the feedback, I have cropped it this way as I didn’t want all the left side of the image in as it was needless,but felt just the rocks might have been too plain.
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    One from the Beach.

    My jasmin enjoying a day at the beach Rock Climber by samp09 posted Oct 28, 2017 at 10:06 PM