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    B&W Let's see your Black and White photos

    A blustery, grey day wander around Llyn Padarn, Llanberis in Snowdonia yesterday... we passed the famous "Lonely Tree" and initially I wasn't going to take a photo but there was a short burst of sunshine which gave me the chance to try out a black & white shot. I included the bench for a...
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    Would you choose any camera over your phone?

    Image quality wise there's probably little to choose between your compact & the phone, infact the phone's probably a little better at comparable focal lengths. The one advantage the camera does have is optical zoom which is preferable to digital zoom quality wise so I'd take both, the camera...
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    Help me out - Llyn-y-Cwn

    To be honest composition wise I think it's the temptation to try and fit in all the view.... the wider the lens the less impact the mountain scenery has so often the "less is more" works better... maybe a longer focal length to bring that central peak closer and give it more impact, that would...
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    Advice on ND filters for Landscape Photography

    I just have a 3 and the 10 stop.... you can use the polariser + 3stop to get 5 stops and don't forget you can use the Iso a little if you find 10 stops too strong, a couple of extra stops of iso isn't going to produce any noticeable noise on modern cameras Simon
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    Wales North Wales

    I've sent you a PM Ian
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    More megapixel..better photos?

    Before spending your money you really need to look at why you're even thinking about upgrading.... is your current camera meaning you miss certain types of shots? Does it not produce image quality you're happy with? Is there something specific where you feel it is lacking?? Another question to...
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    More megapixel..better photos?

    Actually less "fussy"... this is one area the D850 improves noticeably over the 36mp cameras, I find handholding shots with the D850 much more succesful than the D800 ever was
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    Getting around a tripod ban

    If by summer you mean during the school holidays then long exposures aren't going to remove the number of people that will be visiting the interior. I remember it being very busy both times we visited. You'll not achieve the shutter speeds you need anyway without a tripod so rather than try to...
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    Wide angle lenses - fallen into the trap

    I think most people fall into the same trap initially... for me wide angles for landscapes are more a speciality lens, handy to have but only used when the subject matter suits, it's certainly not something I'd leave on the camera all the time. The problem is that by eye we see things at the...
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    Wide angle for nikon

    Always difficult to give feedback as IQ etc is often subjective and copy specific but here goes anyway... I owned the 16-35F4 for a while and was never happy with the corners which never really sharpened up on my copy, distortion at 16mm didn't help that either. If you want to use filters...
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    D850 --> Z

    Worth a watch, some good points made I think View: Simon
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    D850 --> Z

    My view... yes you would be mad. I own the D850 and I can't think of anything where it doesn't perform, it's a brilliant camera. The only reason to consider would be the smaller size/weight but in reality it wouldn't make any difference whatsoever to your photography. Having said that if you've...
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    Wales Red Kite locations in Wales

    I visited Gigrin farm last year, great place for seeing the kites... on the other hand I could have saved the money and just jumped out of the car every 5 minutes or so driving between Aberystwyth and Rhayader, there were kites all over the place Simon
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    Tripod - £400, hit me (not literally)

    Benro Travel Angel 2 CF ... excellent
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    Nikon Z7 vs D850

    I upgraded from D800 to D850 and there's a significance difference in several areas...90% positive... IQ is better, noise handling at "normal" exposures is better, focusing is better, Live View is now usable in dark conditions, it's much easier to capture handheld/sharp images (reduction in...