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    Well that's buggered then!

    At what distance are you trying to align the lenses? I would be aligning them based on infinity, if you're not already trying this. From your post and that previous link you pasted above, it sounds like you might be trying to align these using minimum focus distance, which wouldn't be my...
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    Well that's buggered then!

    Do you have a spare focusing screen? Maybe put that on the back of the camera where the film would normally sit (so you are seeing what would hit the film) and then adjust the camera's lenses so that they are focused for infinity properly? This should hopefully mean that the other distances are...
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    Finally managed to get my hands on one..
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    Camera Cleaning Service

    For those who haven’t clicked the link yet, the key bit is that this service began specifically on the 1st of April.
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    Pentacon 6

    A risky purchase given the camera's reputation for unreliability. If you are interested in a medium format SLR that operates like a monster 135-format camera, I would be looking at a Pentax 6x7 instead. If you want a waist level finder with 6x6 format (Pentax 6x7 does offer WLF, but 6x7), then...
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    Contacting FOMAPAN

    What was the message? It could be the way that your own account is set up. Have you tried another email address of your own?
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    Kodak and llford info on film and new Airport CT scanners January 2020

    I have done all of this. I have also shipped my film to the lab from a variety of places (e.g., Japan, South Korea, Spain, USA, etc.) before going home. But I can't always do these things. Sometimes you have film left over. Sometimes you can't buy it ahead of time. Sometimes you've paid and...
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    Kodak and llford info on film and new Airport CT scanners January 2020

    I haven't inspected the negatives myself, but lab said subtle x-ray waveform and base fog.
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    Kodak and llford info on film and new Airport CT scanners January 2020

    I have kept some film in my pockets when going through the metal detectors so that they're not scanned, but it's not unusual that I might have 25–50 rolls of film on longer trips, so this wouldn't be feasible in such cases.
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    Kodak and llford info on film and new Airport CT scanners January 2020

    Unfortunately, I learned the hard way about the damage from the new CT scanners a little over a year ago. This is potentially a very big issue for anyone who wants to shoot film while travelling.
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    Mixed results on my first attempt with my Bronica ETRSI

    These paler ones look like it could be extreme overexposure. Colour negative can handle a lot of exposure, but it has its limits. Here's one below that I seriously overdid the exposure on and it too turned pale and had weird patterns/marks. UK Film Lab scanned the image and they commented that...
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    These photos sat undeveloped in my Holga 120GTLR for ages (it took a long time to finish roll) and even travelled back from South Korea via checked luggage, which is supposedly a big no-no with film. They are from Christmas day 2017 in Seoul.
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    Minolta Autocord CLA in the UK/EU

    Miles fixed my Autocord back in 2013 as well. I can't recall the exact details now, but it was an issue with the focusing lever mechanism. I've sent him a good few cameras over the last several years (e.g., Bronica SQ-A body, Bronica PS 80mm f/2.8 lens, Rollop TLR, Hasselblad 60mm f/3.5 lens...
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    One from Malaysia last month:
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    Show us yer film shots then!

    A few relatively recent photographs from a trip to Taiwan.