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    Panic Buying

    I've just been to my local branch and most customers were, but one member of staff wasn't which surprised me.. All arrows directing customers have been removed, and there was no distancing of any sort.
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    Forced regeneration DPF

    I had problems with mine on a Citroen Berlingo. Emergency repair when visiting the inlaws between Christmas and New Years Eve at a Citroen dealer cost me £400 and lasted a few hundred miles. A cleanout cost me £250 just into the New Year, and a proper job at my trusted local garage that has now...
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    Power saws

    Some wise words there, and so many that can be applied to photography too (how many threads are there asking what camera/lens do I need to buy etc..) I have a fair few more fancy tools than you, but they earn me my income, and I have to use dust extraction when working in a clients house etc. I...
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    Cheap Breaker for tearing old plaster off etc

    If its just plaster then a lighter (as in weight) breaker will do the job surely? I have the one you've linked to and it's a great tool for the price, but as Mr P says, it's pretty heavy.. I also have a little sds drill/breaker that weighs a fair bit less but is so much easier to use. The...
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    Power saws

    I agree totally. A decent tool is so worth the money IF it is going to be used - I too have a festool plunge saw (and a few other festool tools) and they have paid for themselves many times over. A lot of the cheaper chop or mitre saws need to be set up so that they cut square (I hear, but have...
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    I have no qualifications at all, aside from my driving licence. The only time I was ever asked what qualifications I had was when I tried to get into a photography degree course. Whilst I am not a professional photographer I have earned some income from it over the years. As already said...
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    That sounds utterly delicious - I'll be doing that tomorrow !
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    Mid range electric underfloor heating.

    I can't help with your question, but many years ago I installed it into a few rooms and found it so expensive to run that we ended up never using it - totally due to the sub-floor. Has the room got a concrete floor, and if so, is it insulated ? If not, then any heat will just disappear into the...
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    Odour Eaters for a bathroom..?

    It's her own bathroom, well, her's with her husband, and they are looking for another place to live so a sticking plaster is fine. I would assume it's damp rather than a leak as they've been there for a couple of years. I'll mention the council to her - thanks for your reply too !
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    Odour Eaters for a bathroom..?

    Those are indeed the things. I'll have a look to see if I can find something not too offensive along with some Neutradol. I've never been to the place, so no idea what it smells like, other than her telling me 'it smells' I'll send up some bicarb too. Landlord seems to be one of those who...
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    Odour Eaters for a bathroom..?

    My sister lives in a rented house with a smelly bathroom. Landlord doesn't seem interested, so I was wondering about sending her some of those odour-eating sticks people have in bathrooms I've never bought any, she hates artificial smells (mountain fresh etc) so can anyone suggest any that...
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    The Lens of Longleat..?

    We've left, but I'm lugging the 18-135 and 100-400+tc. No compact, but think I've got enough to carry as it is. Looking forward to a day with my family. Hope the rain clears up, but right now staying in a lovely place in Bradford on Avon having eaten a wonderful Italian meal. I'm full and happy!
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    The Lens of Longleat..?

    We are the family, so 2 adult kids and 2 aged teenage parents - it'll be a chance to snap a few wildlife shots possibly, and maybe a few of the girls too. Nothing too serious. I think I agree with you gramps, as the girls will always be a few hundred yards ahead of me rather like the beasts.
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    The Lens of Longleat..?

    Seems we are going to Longleat , setting off later today (How come I didn't know about this ?) Anyway, having not been since I was small enough to fit into a lions mouth, I'm wondering what lenses to take. I use a Fuji XH-1 with an 18-138 travel lens which seems an obvious choice, and suspect my...
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    Lighting a bearded man portrait.

    This was as shot on my phone - just a quick grab taken by my daughter (I can't take credit for such careful positioning and posing..) She also did my hair, which rarely has this much lift and body, or whatever they call it.. IMG_20200415_083059 r by Steve Powell, on Flickr