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    Wow is all I can say :D
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    Lily Beetles? CC Welcome

    Definitely watching the wrong person if you like Graham, you will never shake him off :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Spider and parasite

    Amazing Alf what a great find :D
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    Lily Beetles? CC Welcome

    Hope your on PC/MAC otherwise this may look a little weird on mobile =============================== blur ------------------------------------------------------ back of focal plane ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo subject (pin sharp in the middle)...
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    Last set from my trip

    Another great set I like the mood lighting on these :D
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    Neighbours garden macros

    Normally would say underexposed ... but the tones and the styling works brilliantly and some wall hangers in there #1/4
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    Ants Portraits

    Amazing set Icy love them all great work :D
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    Lime Hawkmoth

    Stunning looking moth and nicely taken shot :D
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    Lily Beetles? CC Welcome

    As a first go I would say impressive. Some common issues on these > lighting check the show us your rig thread > Focal plane - eyes are always on front edge you need to bring them into the middle so its on the side of being OOF > Can you let us know what gear you used?
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    Small Blues

    very nice set agree #2 my fave would go even darker on butterfly in #1 but all well. least you can find the buggers (y)
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    Heterochaeta orientalis

    Stunning mate, absolutely awesome :D
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    Small Blue

    Nice one Gary :D
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    Knap nature reserve Devon

    Very nice set andy and great find on those awesome looking weevils.
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    Getting jiggy with it. Empis flies

    On work laptop but it looks under exposed to me. but nothing wrong with detail or composition and great find :D
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    Natural Light Stack

    Very nice mate.... and brave to such a low shutter speed, hope you turned off the VC ;) on the tripod.