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    Four flies and a spider

    That's even better than my idea... that's fricking amazing nick
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    Someone told me its all happening at the zoo

    Very well, just not had much time for photography this last year. Really hoping to get mojo back. Need a new editing PC and I'll be sorted.
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    Testing the new lens BIF

    Very nice mate... seems panning which is a issue for G1 isn't there. Yes plus I've had firmware upgrade on it.
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    Four flies and a spider

    Very nice Nick .. my favourite are #2/4/8 Think you could get away with rotating #8 and mirroring it and call it Y ;)
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    Someone told me its all happening at the zoo

    Oh I miss these great captures. Need to get off my butt and process my last zoo shots.
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    New Tripod

    How low do they go.... pick the one that can get the camera as close to the floor as possible if this is for your macro usage (y)
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    Some small stuff

    Awesome Chris really do miss the Collembola
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    Coat of many Colours

    Very nice mate :D
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    A Grizzled Skipper

    Trying to get back into it mate.... :D
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    Spiders and flies

    The flies are very good... love the detail on the first one. On the spiders was it a high ISO or a big crop?
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    Wood Anemone

    Nice capture and details are good... a little more light on background would make it pop more, maybe just a flash.
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    A Grizzled Skipper

    Very nice mate... (y)
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    Spring flowers in our garden

    Beautiful as ever Nick.... :D
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    Wow is all I can say :D
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    Lily Beetles? CC Welcome

    Definitely watching the wrong person if you like Graham, you will never shake him off :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: