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    Towards Tal y Llyn

    Shafts of light are always a winner with me. I should really try my longer lenses for landscapes, it’s something I never do.
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    Whitehaven harbour in summer at sunset

    Really nice, I think the mono works well. Prefer the 2nd one.
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    Infinity Bridge

    Reflections are perfect, I’ve tried this a few times but my efforts have never been as good as this. I’ve often wondered what that architect was thinking, he designed a bridge that relied on reflects then build it on the Tees!
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    Critique Teesside

    I’m Teesside born and bread and these are all nice shots. The area might get bad press but the industry has kept me in work, and my father before that. Good sold shot of the transporter. I still enjoy a trip over the tees on it...a great bit of under used engineering.
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    Wells into Rawtenstall

    Great shot, as you’ve said, great to get the full train and the bridge. The lighting is lovely, really makes the shot, you should be very happy with it.
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    RNLI Redcar B-Class

    Thanks. Yes, lunatics! You won’t get me in there. Think that’s the most straight forward mission the RNLI boys do all year, sea conditions were far from challenging!
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    Ukrainian Flanker RIAT 2018

    Wow, great shots and soooo sharp. Awesome bit of military hardware!
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    RNLI Redcar B-Class

    Not my usual thing but I was at Redcar on Boxing Day for the annual dip. Conditions were perfect but the RNLI team were still there to keep a watch over the hundreds of people braving the North Sea for charity. Lifeboat Boxing Day-1 by Tunbridge Wells, on Flickr
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    Great shot, love what they have done putting it in that setting? Where is it located?
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    Autumn Portraits

    These are great, hard to go wrong with a lens like that on a beautiful autumn day. Lovely.
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    weekend in whitby

    All great but No3 is lovely. As someone else said it looks better like this than when they go daft with it at Halloween, I went last year when it was like that and it wasn’t my cuppa it was packed.
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    Critique Edinburgh in the sunshine.

    I was there last weekend in the sunshine. Some great architecture up there, and they certainly love a statue/ monument. Nice set well captured.
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    Recent Wedding

    Great set, lovely location to be shooting a wedding
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    How correct you were.
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    Studio Helmet

    This explains it.