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    How many views on Flickr?

    After being a bit obsessed with Flickr views a few years back, I have now lost them all as I removed all my content from Flickr this afternoon. It was strange to see the view count drop from 1.3 million gradually down to zero as I removed removed batches of photos!
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    Canon 10-18 - any good?

    Spent a few days in Iceland with this lens recently and wow, it really is a good little lens. So much lighter than the 10-22 and still takes great quality shots. Highly recommend it.
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    Canon 10-18 - any good?

    I've had a Canon 10-22 for about 5 years now and love using it. A friend was asking which wide angle to get for a new Canon 750D purchase and I was ready to say 10-22 after my experience, but have read good things about the 10-18. Has anyone got one and are they as good as reviews say? Its a big...
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    Lets see your best... reflections!

    Nice cafe just up the hill from that bridge as well. I've cycled that area a few times, great fun and very nice part of the world.
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    Snow in Leeds.

    Thanks for the comments and I kind of agree that the last one doesn't really fit into the set. It didn't look so dramatic once the snow had stopped. A couple from yet more snow here today: How Good is an Aston Martin in Snow? by Hobs Hobson, on Flickr Chaos. by Hobs Hobson, on Flickr Ideal...
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    Snow in Leeds.

    Had a wander round in Leeds city centre yesterday morning rush hour as my work was closed due to snow. Wait for More Snow. by Hobs Hobson, on Flickr Gotta Get My Daily Starbucks Fix. by Hobs Hobson, on Flickr Snowy Calls. by Hobs Hobson, on Flickr ...and one from near my house on the...
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    Two blondes taking a shower..........

    Great shot and it really is a nice beer as well. (Definitely clicked on the thread due to the title... not expecting this photo!) ;)
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    Canon 600D Official Owners Thread - Anything 600D Related

    We've had ours about 4 years now and it's been all over the shop. Never had any issues with it at all and still takes good shots with 100k+ on the clock!
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    Weekly Manxmaid's 52 for 2018 - Week 52 Showcase added & COMPLETE

    Stunning photo! Great composition and lovely light.
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    Hertsmans 2018 52....Rural/Bright/Elegant/Derelict added

    Like both shots here. Out of interest, where are they taken? I've been there, but can't place my finger on where it is!
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    Weekly Phil the Juggler's 2018 '52 - Week 4 - Over

    Nice combination of shots, like the dramatic sky too!
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    Weekly Tony's 52'ers for 2018

    Nice trails, like the high red trails on the left especially.
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    The 52 Weeks, The 8th Installment. COMPLETE! Thank You All!

    Really like this, a very different perspective on the theme and a nice shot too.
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    Trip to the Lake District.

    Number 3 for me, but all are very nice in a lovely area of the world.
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    Hadrons TP52 for 2018- Week 9 Abundance

    Looks good without the grass and really a creative shot of something quite simple. Like it!