1. mkhardy

    B&W Kew Palace

    Kew Palace is a British royal palace in Kew Gardens on the banks of the River Thames up river from London. Schneider 58mm XL Ilford Delta 100 Developed in XTOL Kew Gardens
  2. 1587998469926.jpg


    A journey into the realm of Atlanta
  3. MartinH.

    Spanish village in morning mist

    We went to Ujué the other day. It’s a beautiful little medieval village in northern Spain. It’s on top of a mountain/hill and I think there’s only one road that leads to the village. The fog was quite intense and cold and it made the raw file almost look black and while. That’s why I decided to...
  4. J

    Which Camera to Upgrade to for Architectural Photography

    Hi all I'm in the market for a new camera body but need some advice on which one to go for. It will be used for architectural photography/walk through videos - mainly interiors. To give you some context, over the last 18 months I have been using a Canon 550d (old I know!) with a £300...
  5. L

    Beginner RE: Setup for shooting internal building pictures.

    Hi, New to the forum looking for some advice. I'm a self employed builder and have been taking pictures of my work for years just using my phone for my website and any adverts which i produce etc. I want to start producing more high end looking images for said adverts etc. I have access to a...
  6. Ads22

    London Architecture - London Bridge area

    Hi there Been meaning to post these for a while. Am currently in the process of building a portfolio so feedback is welcome. One area I enjoy taking pictures of is architecture and buildings and hope to specialise in this area. Hoping for a clear day to go, I planned a trip to the London...
  7. Willy Jamal

    Help me to choose the right lens

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a wonderful day ) I'm new to this website and i find it very helpful thanks to you guys. Now you gotta help me :D About a week ago i bought a Nikon body D5200 after selling my D3200. I already have a lens, it's a 50mm 1.8D I'm shooting landscape, skies...
  8. LongLensPhotography

    2016: a few of my best shots

    Wet Lucerne, Switzerland Salzburg, Austria Bavarian fairytale castle Krakow (morning) vs evening LLanddwyn Bay Lighthouse, Anglesey, North Wales Full write up and cityscape + landscape list is on my blog...