1. S

    B&W Hallgrimskirkja

    Took this in Reykjavik in September while in the mandatory 5 day quarantine (we were allowed out to walk about). It is the Lutheran Church that was commissioned in the 1930's and designed to resemble the Basalt columns, Glaciers and Volcanos found all over Iceland.
  2. mkhardy

    B&W Kew Palace

    Kew Palace is a British royal palace in Kew Gardens on the banks of the River Thames up river from London. Schneider 58mm XL Ilford Delta 100 Developed in XTOL Kew Gardens
  3. 1587998469926.jpg


    A journey into the realm of Atlanta
  4. MartinH.

    Spanish village in morning mist

    We went to Ujué the other day. It’s a beautiful little medieval village in northern Spain. It’s on top of a mountain/hill and I think there’s only one road that leads to the village. The fog was quite intense and cold and it made the raw file almost look black and while. That’s why I decided to...
  5. J

    Which Camera to Upgrade to for Architectural Photography

    Hi all I'm in the market for a new camera body but need some advice on which one to go for. It will be used for architectural photography/walk through videos - mainly interiors. To give you some context, over the last 18 months I have been using a Canon 550d (old I know!) with a £300...
  6. L

    Beginner RE: Setup for shooting internal building pictures.

    Hi, New to the forum looking for some advice. I'm a self employed builder and have been taking pictures of my work for years just using my phone for my website and any adverts which i produce etc. I want to start producing more high end looking images for said adverts etc. I have access to a...
  7. Ads22

    London Architecture - London Bridge area

    Hi there Been meaning to post these for a while. Am currently in the process of building a portfolio so feedback is welcome. One area I enjoy taking pictures of is architecture and buildings and hope to specialise in this area. Hoping for a clear day to go, I planned a trip to the London...
  8. Willy Jamal

    Help me to choose the right lens

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a wonderful day ) I'm new to this website and i find it very helpful thanks to you guys. Now you gotta help me :D About a week ago i bought a Nikon body D5200 after selling my D3200. I already have a lens, it's a 50mm 1.8D I'm shooting landscape, skies...
  9. LongLensPhotography

    2016: a few of my best shots

    Wet Lucerne, Switzerland Salzburg, Austria Bavarian fairytale castle Krakow (morning) vs evening LLanddwyn Bay Lighthouse, Anglesey, North Wales Full write up and cityscape + landscape list is on my blog...