1. Fireproof Creative

    British GT Silverstone

    Hey all, Well it's been almost exactly a year since it rained on me during a motorsport event (when before that it was pretty much every time I went out)... The Silverstone 500 race was epic, with a massive field and the differing weather made for some varied shots... Here's a small selection...
  2. Fireproof Creative

    My Year in the fast lane

    Hi all, It seems every year I do one of these wrap-ups they get closer and closer together :( I must be old now. It's coming up to 10 years now since I picked up my first DSLR and a lot has happened in those years - hopefully the pictures continue to improve :D Anyway, here's a selection from...
  3. justpix

    CLASSIC and important CARS - open thread:

    Hi, I would like to present so-called Classic Cars (Bentley, Rolls, Mercedes, Jaguar ...) and important cars (innovative for the car industry, personally important (first car, family car etc)). Looking forward to many contributions (not only from me ;)):
  4. Tom Whitmore

    Crtique My Website

    Hi guys, Little background before you go into it. I'm an aspiring automotive & motorsport freelance photographer, I've created a website but would really like some people to give their opinions on it. I only have Wix free hosting at the moment as I don't want to waste the money to host some...
  5. OR Photography

    Shooting DRIFT

    Anyone on here shooting DRIFT ? :naughty:
  6. Sko77y

    Critique Lotus Exige V6 - Lightpainting

    Well second shoot is now out of the way for 2017, a lovely Lotus Exige V6 ins striking yellow. Here is a small selection of some of the shots taken: #1. Lotus Exige V6 #6 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #2. Lotus Exige V6 #5 by Scott Reid, on Flickr #3. Lotus Exige V6 #4 by Scott Reid, on Flickr...
  7. Mel Loan

    Fiesta ST /Ford Ka - light painting

    Hi guys! New here, got a new light for light painting for christmas, finally got round to trying it out, fiesta was the first attempt, ka was the second attempt. upload2 by mel loan, on Flickr upload1 by mel loan, on Flickr Editedcolour by mel loan, on Flickr Edited2 by mel loan, on Flickr...
  8. Sko77y

    Monthly Sko77y's Project

    So...I've considered starting a project like this for the past three years, but never do and always "forget". So I'm starting this to encourage me to actually finish a project, rather than plan, accumulate and forget. Brief: Use my Product Photography Light Tent (used once I should add), to...
  9. danjama

    (Automotive) Advice/Critique Please - First time speedlite shoot.

    Hi everyone, this was my first time using a speedlite so I'd really like some constructive C&C and also general advice please. I think I did 'ok' but ok isn't good enough for me. The thing I'm unhappy with is the shadows. They make the photo look very harsh and messy. What do you think? Also...
  10. Sko77y

    Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' - Lightpainted

    So since my other thread keeps loosing Flickr links, I'll stick to posting a thread every now and then instead. (Old thread HERE) Most recent shoot for me, a serious drift spec Nissan Silvia S14 'Kouki' from a local lad who's part of @doric_drift on Instagram. As always comments/critique...
  11. Mikehamilton

    Critique Ford Focus Mk3

    Hi Guys a few weeks back i had the chance to do photoshoots with every focus RS model from MK1 to MK3. Here is the MK3 photos as i feel they are the most relevant. Let me know what you think. 1) Focus RS MK3 by Michael Hamilton, on Flickr 2) Focus RS MK3 by Michael Hamilton, on Flickr 3)...