Monthly Sko77y's Project

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So...I've considered starting a project like this for the past three years, but never do and always "forget".

So I'm starting this to encourage me to actually finish a project, rather than plan, accumulate and forget.

Brief: Use my Product Photography Light Tent (used once I should add), to take as many varying shots as possible of a Mercury Coupe Custom 1:18 Model Car.

Aim: to learn new techniques/processes that have the potential to transfer over to when I'm shooting actual size counterparts, as well as giving the opportunity to work on automotive subjects within a studio environment (because lets be honest, I haven't won the lottery).

Subject: Mercury Coupe Custom 1:18

Continental Mercury Custom by Scott Reid, on Flickr

My first ever attempt back in 2013, showing how long I've been thinking about doing this....hopeless!

So I'll try update this on a regular basis, aim for at least a shot every month.

Hopefully be of some interest to everyone, all encouragement welcome.