1. Willy Jamal

    Help me to choose the right lens

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a wonderful day ) I'm new to this website and i find it very helpful thanks to you guys. Now you gotta help me :D About a week ago i bought a Nikon body D5200 after selling my D3200. I already have a lens, it's a 50mm 1.8D I'm shooting landscape, skies...
  2. A

    Beginner D5200 photos aren't sharp?

    Hi all! I bought my first DSLR camera not long ago (Nikon D5200) and I've been trying out different modes and settings. My photos just don't seem to be as sharp as I was hoping for my first DSLR. I've seen pictures taken by other people with D5200's and I know this camera can produce great...
  3. S

    Mirror slap

    I started with a D3000 and loved it as an entry level camera. Two years ago I bought the D5200 which never seemed as good somehow. I is now unusable unless I use it in Live View. It has a mirror slap problem which vibrates the sensor. Nikon customer service are not interested and so I will be...