1. Nuluvius

    Online Photo Storage Workflow

    I'm at a bit of a loss with this and wondered if anyone might have some suggestions for a workflow. There's Google Photos, Amazon Photos and OneDrive. I have a NAS full of photos and videos and want to back them up on these platforms. I also want to be able to back up the photos I take with my...
  2. C

    Online Photo Printing / Display Options - Complete Newbie!

    I take pictures of a place very spacial to me in Dorset and I have been asked to sell some of them. I am only a novice photographer so I didnt want to as felt would be too much pressure as my work is not perfect! But I have decided to get some printed and offer them to be sold at charity events...
  3. shel1983

    Selling online

    Hi there. I'm new to the forum and would like to ask about selling my photos online. I've been into photography for a number of years as a hobby but, just lately, I've been asked by a few people whether or not I intend to sell any of my photos. This is new to me, I have had a few sales on...
  4. N

    Can I insure any photographic equipment bought online? (Digital Rev, E-infinin, etc..)

    I bought a canon EF 16-35mm F4 from digital rev and I'd like it to be insured but I'm not sure if its possible as its from overseas and from an online store. Im looking to buy a Canon 5D Mark IV as well.. Need some help Thanks folks
  5. twhite87

    Protecting Images from Theft for Novices

    FYI. An excellent article here about protecting your images (and other intellectual property) from online theft. It is aimed and beginners and novices, but some valid points here that have made me think a bit more about my system. Petapixel - A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Images Online