1. G

    Beginner When is best to start showing off your work?

    I have been studying photography for the last several years, at GCSE and A-level standard. I am hoping to attend university to study Photography in September 2020. I do realize that my work isn't as great as others - but I would love to start building up a portfolio that people can see; so I...
  2. Rika Guite

    Reviews on my website!

    Hello everyone, I'm a professional graphic designer and product photographer from New Delhi. I also love shooting people, landscapes and animals. Here's my website: https://rguite.pixpa.com I'd love to know your reviews on the website. Also, the landscape and travel shots will be live on the...
  3. schlicksbier


    Big Ben by Erik Schlicksbier, auf Flickr Minolta X-300 with Kodak TMax 100 film
  4. schlicksbier

    Valley of Rocks

    Valley of the Rocks by Erik Schlicksbier, auf Flickr More from UK landscapes: http://www.schlicksbier.com/uk.html
  5. schlicksbier


    Jana by Erik Schlicksbier, auf Flickr I have to admit that the hair was pure fate. It was just a sudden blast but sometimes one has to get lucky ... :-D More from her here: http://www.schlicksbier.com/jana.html
  6. Pixel perfection

    First attempt at self portraits

    This evening I have tried out some self portrait work. The way I created this image was using off camera flash at the 4-5 oclock position. I used a bare flash head. the flash was zoomed in to 200mm which gave me a narrow beam of light. The way I fired the camera was with a remote trigger which...
  7. Box Brownie

    YourShot NG website

    Hi All I found this site http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/ is anyone hereabouts registered and using this site/resource? If so how have you found it and has it generated interest and/or business for you???
  8. Caitlin Dalton

    Beginner Online Portfolio Tips Needed

    Hi! this is my first post here so I hope it's in the right area! Even if just for myself to be able to look back on without having to sift through folders etc I'd like to start an online portfolio and just wondered if anyone here could point me in the right direction on how best to go about...