sigma 17-50

  1. jmcdyre

    Sigma 17-50 on D5600

    Hi All, Just received a Sigma 17-50 lens for use with my D5600, and I've raised a return with Amazon because of a couple of issues that I wanted to ask about on here before I actually return it. The lens seemed to work OK in terms of autofocus working and the pics looked fine, however within...
  2. Willy Jamal

    Help me to choose the right lens

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys had a wonderful day ) I'm new to this website and i find it very helpful thanks to you guys. Now you gotta help me :D About a week ago i bought a Nikon body D5200 after selling my D3200. I already have a lens, it's a 50mm 1.8D I'm shooting landscape, skies...